**2019** Dec. Pixelmania Meet dates

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  1. ddindy

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    For those flying Southwest to Pixelmania, the Southwest Travel Tools page says that December reservations will be available on May 23. Be aware that this is subject to change.

    For those who may want to visit Universal before or after Pixelmania:

    Until June 12, you can buy a two-day ticket and get three additional days for free. Even if you only need three days, it's a bargain. Go to the Universal ticket page for details.

    Hotel rooms are now available for December. The Stay More Save More offer has Cabana Bay rooms starting at $134. Rooms at the new Endless Summer Surfside Inn resort start at $89. Go to the Stay More Save More page for details.

    The Endless Summer resort is located on Universal Blvd. south of I-4 and just south of the old Wet n Wild water park. Shuttle buses to Universal will be available.
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  2. Nancy AK

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    Thanks Dennis.
  3. ddindy

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    Update: The Southwest Travel Tools page now says that they won't be taking December reservations until June 20. This is the third date that they have announced and it may not be the last.
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  4. Thanks for keeping us posted Dennis. With so many of their jets out of service due to, among other things, that software problem, this news is not surprising.

  5. Nancy AK

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    Dennis, What??????? June 20th? Thank you for the update
  6. gary

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    yeah so many southwest jets out of service has boned me in a big way going down to pixel mania, i have to be on call until 0900 on 12/3, being on call for thanksgiving gives me 2 extra free days off that i use on 12/3 and 12/4, except right now southwest has no 10:45 nonstop to mco, which means i either have to go via a ny city airport, which only gets me there maybe 2 hours earlier, or accept the 2 hopper via bwi and not get there until 5:10 pm. here's to hoping the later booking window sees my favorite flight restored
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  7. Nancy AK

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    Southwest seems to have eliminated nonstop flights out of Detroit, or at least I haven’t seen one in along time.
  8. ddindy

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    Southwest only has 34 Max 8s. I don't know what percentage of the fleet that is, but it can't be a huge chunk. Granted, they probably don't have enough spares sitting around to cover the shortage.
    And putting my professoinal hat on, if it's just a software bug, it should be a lot easier to fix than a hardware problem. Boeing just needs to test the heck out of it before rolling out the patch.
  9. ddindy

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    Going forward, all Southwest schedule updates will be posted only on the Pixelmania 2019 Information thread. Please ignore all Southwest schedule information on this thread.
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