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    Thanks to the Disney, Indiana podcast, I learned that a Disney fan named Heather Faville is selling off her collection of Disney Treasures DVDs. In case you've forgotten, that series of limited edition DVDs came in metal boxes and contain rare cartoons and documentaries.

    I have purchased several from her. A couple of the metal boxes where not in pristine shape, but the DVDs were clean and most, if not all, of the printed material came with the DVDs.

    Here is what she has available:

    WIth tins, $35 each plus $5 shipping:
    The Chronological Donald Volume 1
    Mickey Mouse In Living Color
    Mickey Mouse In Living Color Volume 2
    Disneyland USA

    Without tins, $25 each plus $5 shipping:
    Davy Crockett
    Disneyland USA

    If you're interested, contact her at hfaville@gmail.com.

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