PIXELMANIA 2021 10/20/2021 to 10/24/2021 Wed.-Sun.

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    You can also buy a single-park ticket and add the hopper option later. That's what I plan to do. I'll have to find out if you have to add the park hopper option before or after you've used your ticket for the first time.
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    Was going back thru old posts and saw this. Yes, you can add park hopper to your ticket after it has been used. However... you pay for the hopper based on the total number of days on the ticket and not on the remaining days. So if you have a 10 day ticket with 2 days left, your park hopper option is based on the 10 days.

    Same applies to upgrading any regular ticket to an Annual Pass. The cost of the original ticket is applied to the cost of the AP.

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