Pixelmania 2021 Pre-Pre Meets

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    I have revised my schedule. The dropping of boarding groups for RotR means I may not need all of the DHS park reservations.

    Sat 10/16: Driving from Georgia to Orlando, possibly arriving around 2 pm. After checking in to the hotel, I'll head to Animal Kingdom to meet Dave & Gillian.
    Sun 10/17: Universal and Halloween Horror Nights.
    Mon 10/18: Universal in the afternoon and Epcot in the evening.
    Tue 10/19: Epcot
    Wed 10/20: DHS (subject to change)
    Thu-Sun: Epcot/MK/DHS/AK
    Mon 10/25: DHS (subject to change)
    Tue 10/27: DHS (subject to change) then drive to Georgia, finishing the trip home on Wednesday.
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