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Discussion in 'PIXELMANIA!' started by Joanie Eddis-Koch, Dec 19, 2023.

  1. Nancy AK

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    @ddindy Dennis thanks for sharing! I thought I already had a discount but going to have my TA double check
  2. RedOctober25

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    While I had my lodging reservation for awhile now… it’s officially official now that I’ve purchased my Airfare. And it gets to be a couple extra days cuz the airline decided to change the schedule for the holidays and are not flying to my home airport on the day I would normally have flown home.

    So the upside is that I get to spend two extra days at Disney… the downside is that it’s really only effectively a day because one day I’m checking out then back in… on on the other, I have to go to bed by 6pm so that I can leave for the airport at 2:30am.

    My info…
    AKL Jambo (riff-raff and riff-raff adjacent)
    Flying in: Sat. 12/07
    Flying out: Fri. 12/20

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    We are tentative on actually attending but we are currently booked at Kidani 12/11-12/17. We may shorten or even cancel depending on competing interests. Or we may just be forced go after Joanie beats us up on the zoom meeting...
  4. At times, a note from Mother is acceptable to miss a Pixelmania meet up. An alternative to a note for missing Pixelmania is to drive your boat down to Bay Lake, drop it off for us to use for fishing and perhaps some inebriated waterskiing and then haul it back to the cold and wintery hinterlands from whence you came. If this is acceptable please ensure that the horsepower found in your boat engines is enough to outrun Disney Security and the Orange County Sheriff.


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