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    i just happened to be in center moriches yesterday, headed to the inlet to grab a few more shots for some geotagging practice, when i could not get into the center of town due to a road closure. now i knew they had had a working house fire earlier that morning, so i parked and strolled down the block. where i found not the house fire overhaul in progress, but a different call in progress, with 5 different department heavy rescue trucks at a house, turns out the house was so full of junk that the first responders literally had to climb over stacked boxes to get to the 2nd floor, where the severely overweight victim had fallen off the toilet and was wedged against the wall. i arrived just in time to hear the inside call for the sledge and to hear the unmistakeable sound of a 16 lb sledge hitting porceline. i wasn't able to get a straight on shot of the sliding glass door size hole they had to cut in the 2nd floor wall, but they lowered the victim in a stokes basket using rope belays. now that's just something you train for but never think you will actually use


    this rig clued me in that this was a special job

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    Sounds like the victim needs to be on that horder show.
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    the town actually condemmed the 2nd floor as uninhabitable due to safety issues, a real collyers mansion situation apparently.

    the victim is reported to be in stable condition in the hospital, neighbors were mostly unaware of the situation as the outside of the house is very well kept, and the victim lived alone in the 2nd floor apartment. it's unclear if the victim has any relatives and if so what kind of relationships exist

    link to an excellent wiki about where the term collyers mansion came from
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    Interesting read.
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    well now if you ever hear a fireman say it was a real collyers mansion type of job, you'll know what they meant
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    Yep. ; I don't think the guys here have run into that problem although they have had to cut people out of rooms and one time had to cut out a window to get an oversized person out of a home. ; Real challenge for us when they get to the ED also. ;
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    Interesting read indeed.
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    Very interesting. Had never heard this term before.

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    I had never heard that term either. ; Thanks for sharing the history of it.

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