The return of the of the EOS-1RS?

Discussion in 'Digital Cameras & Equipment' started by Roger, Feb 25, 2010.

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    Hmm.. interesting. ; I hadn't heard of the RS in particular, but I thought that the previous systems like this used a fixed prism. ; Was I wrong.. or is this a somewhat more elaborate variation? ; It looks like this is a mirror that can stay down and be shot through or lifted up as usual.

    It's kind of exciting to see the potential for digital SLRs to finally break new ground.. well.. okay, at least start to explore ground that was only briefly covered before.
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    Yes, the 1DRS used a prism, but since the mirror was fixed, the regular AF worked and there was NO mirror blackout in the optical VF.

    The new system would work the same way, except that instead of a prism, you would get an electronic viewfinder (if you want it instead of an LCD, some habits die hard) that would feed from the sensor, so you get 100% coverage, while the mirror is reflecting to the phase AF like most current dSLRs. ; So you get the superior AF with the P&S benefits. ; No mirror vibrations/blackout or noise....

    In theory we'd be looking at the possibility of practically taking 24 fps still shots (at 12+mp, not just 1080HD) for as long as the buffer holds out, and then being able to pick which stills to use. ; It would almost take the skill out of being a sports photographer.

    And it would destroy the consumer camcorder market. ; Except for the Flip video size ones. ; Why pay for a consumer camcorder when for the same price you can get a better video camera that also takes stills? ; For once you'd also have the option of extracting a still from a frame that will actually be decent as well.

    Next on their agenda is to figure out how to reintroduce the power zoom lenses Minolta once had (so people don't have to actually move their lens to zoom in/out.....

    I think this is what Sony had in mind and why they were waiting to introduce video in their dSLR line....they want it to be right the first time. ; Granted, they've only shown a body with a video label right now, no specs, so they could pull a Sigma and take 18 more months to figure it out.

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