The story behind the shape of the Imagination Pavilion

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  1. ddindy

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    In your many visits to Epcot, did you ever stop to wonder about the shape of the Imagination pavilion? You probaby thought it was just some pretty glass pyramids. But as a photographer, you should have had a slight tingle of recognition.

    In a recent Twitter conversation, Imagineer Tom K. Morris revealed that the shape of the buildings was inspired by silver halide crystals. If you're an old film user like me, you'll know that silver halide is what makes a photograph possible. When someone talks about "grain" in a photo, they're talking about the density of the crystals on the developed film.

    The next question is "What does a photographic crystal have to do with Imagination?" I think the name of the pavilion's sponsor in this 1982 photo will answer that question.

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  2. Tim

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    I read the referenced article in your post and Boy Howdy was it not written for the average human!
  3. mSummers

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    Very cool! As an architect having built many models in school, I have a an appreciation for the pain expressed in Joe Rhode's comment about building the framework stick by stick.
  4. ddindy

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    I'm surprised, @Tim. I just expected you to look at the picture, and maybe even note the similarity between the building and some of the crystals. Impress me some more! :D

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