Tripods allowed as Carry ons for Air Travel?

Discussion in 'Digital Cameras & Equipment' started by Paul, Jun 21, 2009.

  1. Paul

    Paul Member

    I have never travelled with my tripod, so I'm wondering if they (Southwest) will let me carry it on?
  2. Tim

    Tim Administrator Staff Member

    they might consider it a "club-like" object. ; i have been able to carry mine, but i usually just check it thru. ; no time exposures in flight for me ; ;)
  3. Paul

    Paul Member

    Do you have a case for it Tim? ; I don't and I doubt we will have room in the luggage. ; Hence the desire to carry it.
  4. Roger

    Roger Member Staff Member

    I have a case for mine, but again, there is a huge risk if TSA doesn't allow it through, since you've already checked your luggage.

    There's a new news article out now, that the TSA is going to begin enforcing carry on size, and that the carry on size will be uniform across the country.

    I'm not sure that I like that completely. ; LAX at one point had a "carry on" adapter in their scanners, and if you item didn't fit (even if it was a gate check or a carseat!!!!!) they would refuse it to pass. ; Same thing will probably happen across the country.
  5. Tim

    Tim Administrator Staff Member

    if people begin having their carry-ons rejected by tsa, watch how high checked baggage fees soar as soon as the airlines know that they have you even more that they already do. spirit air is currently $19 for 1st bag and $25 for second. $100 for third with NO GUARANTEE that your 3rd even makes it on that flight.

    I do understand that carry on size is a rule for a reason but with airline prices still going up and ticket prices being raised across the board, how much more of this will the public take before they finally step up as a group and say no more?

    last time I checked a lot of businesses in this country, more accurately worldwide, are hurting. I would really hope there is some provision for a rejected carryon. ; rejecting gate checks such as strollers and car seats is just absurd. ;

    btw, my velbon came with a zipper up soft case that I use when putting it in my suitcase. ; ;
  6. Tim

    Tim Administrator Staff Member ... nforcement

    btw, should this really be the responsibility of a governmental agency to enforce? ; the check-in agents are responsible for weighing the bags, why can't they enforce the carryon size?

    I can almost guarantee that we will start driving to wdw for our long trips as soon as the kids get a little bigger. the nonsense and costs of flying often negate the time saved.
  7. jtrain75

    jtrain75 Member

    When I went to Disney last month I had mine strapped to the side of my Tamrac bag and I didn't have a problem. It was out of the bag too.
  8. Roger

    Roger Member Staff Member

    Because if you are just carrying on, you don't even have to stop by ticketing now. ; You can print out your boarding pass from home and proceed directly to the gate.

    I don't business-flyers are going to balk at this because it's going to standardize the sizing more than individual gate agents. ; I had a bag that met the published requirements that became a gate check within seconds of trying to board once.
  9. Paul

    Paul Member

  10. gary

    gary Member

    i always check mine in my luggage, because i've called tsa several times about their official stance, and the official answer always is "it's up to the individual screener", not reassuring, and my luck i get the one that had a domestic disturbance that day and just wants to announce their prescence with authority on someone, somewhere
  11. goofy101

    goofy101 Member

    I had the same problem in April and I was told the best thing was to pack it in checked luggage by my airline
  12. Coo1eo

    Coo1eo Member

    I've always just packed mine in my checked luggage.
  13. Craig

    Craig Member Staff Member

    that is a frightening answer!
  14. gary

    gary Member

    it's sits more poorly with me than most can ever imagine, i just want to point out, hey , i pay your salary, but i'm advised by my wife against this, unless i want to be stranded at whatever airport i'm standing in
    as far as i know these people still have not figured out how to remove that toddler in the midwest who somehow ended up at 6 months old on the no fly list, he's probably about 2 now, everyone at homeland insecurity agrees it's a mistake, but last i heard, there is absolutely no provision to remove once on the list, and no one is willing to step up and take him off, just in case at age 4 he decides to become a terrorist. too busy protecting their own a**
  15. Dan

    Dan Member

    First off, no support for the TSA from me. ; You know what the GA (general aviation, private pilots) community calls the TSA? ; Thousands standing around. ; There are stories of small GA airports with their own TSA agents that really do nothing, but have to be there because of regulations. ; Yeah, you'd think that if the TSA had a legitimate function the aviation community would appreciate them but they're pretty much uniformly despised. ; I want to try to stress that my anger isn't directed at the individual guards, mostly the ones I've dealt with have been pretty decent, except for one insane example, they're "just doing their jobs". ; That one example was weird.. I inquired about the possibility of doing a hand inspection of my camera because I'd heard that the X-ray machine might damage the sensor, it seems not likely to be true but the suggestion was that the x-rays might cause hot pixels. ; So I asked this woman about it, and her response was "THAT'S A LIE!". ; Very angry, like I'd just accused her of something.

    This bag size thing is a mess, but I don't blame it on the TSA. ; Long before the TSA we had official carry on restrictions. ; Which had been largely ignored, and still are until carry on capacity limits are reached, then the airlines kind of have to start cracking down, once all the carry on space is used up there really is nowhere else to put extra carry on bags. ; I expected much worse than what I've seen so far, when I flew to WDW this year I actually flew with more carry on baggage than I have in a long time, my usual backpack jam packed with camera gear and some electronics that I don't trust to checked baggage plus another backpack that was a bit less tightly packed with an extra lens, an external hard drive, and some other stuff. ; I was afraid they'd nix that, but I didn't get any hassles.

    Considering the number of people walking on the plane with large rolling bags plus backpacks and such it was only fair that I was let on, but I felt kind of conspicuous walking on with two backpacks. ; As a good little traveler I crammed by large pack under the seat and put the small pack into the overhead where it took up minimal space and left plenty of room for those monster roller bags everyone else was bringing on.

    However, as to tripods.. I've never tried to carry it on. ; Because there the TSA does get involved. ; They of course have their list of prohibited items, but as has been pointed out the guards at the checkpoint can pretty much decide whatever they want is prohibited. ; And, as far as I can tell, can immediately arrest you for trying to carry a prohibited item through the checkpoint even though they only decided it was prohibited then and there. ; I too figured that a tripod could be considered club like, and so packed it in checked baggage. ; I wasn't happy doing that, but I did the best I could, putting it in a tripod bag (a thin skinned case) and stuffing the bag with socks and underwear and such for extra padding. ; And then putting that bag in the largest suitcase I had available. ; It barely fits. ; It seems to work, I've done that on two air trips so far. ; It makes me nervous every time, but I absolutely have to be able to do night photography, it's my thing.
  16. mSummers

    mSummers Member

    Since 9/11, I've always put the tripod in my suitcase. ; To get it into the suitcase, I have to take the head off of it, which means that I also have to carry a screw driver with me. ; Its kind of a pain, but I don't want to risk having it taken from me by some overzealous TSA agent. ;
  17. Scott

    Scott Member

    I always try to avoid checking my bags if I can. In the past year I've stowed my tripod in my carry-on bag and never had a problem with TSA through many different airports. I also thought that it would be considered a "club-like" instrument, but it gets through every time. I even heard one x-ray checker remark to another, "that's a tripod, right?". So, I wouldn't worry about it too much.
  18. Dan

    Dan Member

    Huh.. interesting. ; I would still suggest caution, I just can't believe that tripods can be largely allowed through security. ; The presented anecdotes certainly seem to suggest that that is the case, but, well...

    All it takes is one security guard who says otherwise. ; This isn't like the security at the WDW gates. ; If the guard decides to disallow the tripod you can't just go back and try again.
  19. I've been putting it in the bottom of my carryon bag for the past 3 or 4 trips. Haven't had a problem yet :)
  20. Roger

    Roger Member Staff Member

    While you've been registered here for a long time, welcome to the forums Deb!

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