You can be the star at the Magic Kingdom

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  1. As part of Disney’s upcoming “What Will You Celebrate” promotion they’ve put together this neat customizable video showing how you can be the star at the Magic Kingdom. But you’ll have to settle for seeing it on video. I don’t think any amount of money would be able to buy a real sponsorship this awesome.

    Visit to personalize your own.
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    ThankYou! ; I just totally freaked out my DD!

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    that so neat
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  5. My uncle (the CM) in Orlando had sent me one for my birthday this week - I was blown away, and so were my girls. ; It's very cool.
  6. Disney hopes e-mail campaign delivers some buzz

    Disney hopes e-mail campaign delivers some buzz ... 7331.story
    Scott Powers | Sentinel Staff Writer
    December 11, 2008
    Walt Disney World is tapping a new Internet network for its marketing: you and your friends.

    As part of its "What will you celebrate?" promotional campaign for 2009, Disney on Wednesday launched a chain-letter-style e-mail, counting on people to inundate friends and families with customized copies.

    The e-mail links recipients to a Disney Web page with a customized video of the Magic Kingdom. In that video -- a faux TV news report -- the e-mail recipient's name is digitally plastered onto everything -- banners, trolley signs, song lyrics, etc. -- as if the entire theme park has been dedicated to that person for the day. Once the video is done, the recipient is invited to forward the link, with personalized messages if desired, for the next round of friends.

    Disney sent out thousands of the e-mails Wednesday, to annual-pass holders, friends and family of employees, and others, with the hope that the video will be considered clever and amusing enough to overcome any annoyance factor associated with unsolicited e-mails. Disney spokesman Duncan Wardle said initial feedback was positive, and Internet traffic monitored by Disney was overwhelming.

    "I've sent turkeys to the White House. I put Buzz Lightyear in space. . . . I have never seen a response like this," he said.

    Robert Cascio, an Internet marketing instructor at University of Central Florida, said such campaigns must get the e-mail into the hands of big fans of the product.

    If the e-mail involves interactive, personalized messages, they can be fun, he said -- that's when they can become "viral" and spread rapidly.

    "This is something that you want to tell someone about, where you say, 'Hey, let me show you something on your computer,' " Cascio said. "That is what a viral [campaign] tries for."

    Scott Powers can be reached at or 407-420-5441.

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