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    The following is a list of all the Disney Abbreviations that you may come across. If there are some missing let me know and I will add them to this mega list.

    AA American Adventure
    AA Audio-Animatronic
    ABD Adventures by Disney
    AC Adventurer’s Club
    ADH Atlantic City Dance Hall
    ADR Advanced Dining Reservation
    AK Animal Kingdom
    AKL Animal Kingdom Lodge
    AKV Animal Kingdom Villas
    AP Annual Pass
    AP Artist’s Point
    AP Artist’s Palette
    APer Annual Passholder
    APR Annual Passholder Rate
    AS All-Star Resorts
    ASM All-Star Movies Resort
    ASM All-Star Music Resort
    ASMo All-Star Movies Resort
    ASMu All-Star Music Resort
    ASSp All Star Sports Resort

    B&C Beaches and Cream
    BAC Beaches and Cream
    BB Blizzard Beach
    BBB Bibbidi Bobbidi Boutique
    BC Beach Club Resort
    BCV Beach Club Villas
    BET BET Soundstage
    BLAB Buzz Lightyear Astro Blasters
    BLSRS Buzz Lightyear Space Ranger Spin
    BNTB Beauty and the Beast
    BTMR Big Thunder Mountain Railroad
    BW BoardWalk Inn
    BW Body Wars
    BWV BoardWalk Villas

    C33 Club 33 at Disneyland
    CB Character Breakfast
    CBJ Country Bear Jamboree
    CBR Caribbean Beach Resort
    CEM Cast Excellence Measurement
    Cindy’s Cinderella’s Royal Table
    CG California Grill
    CJS Captain Jack Sparrow
    CL Club/Concierge Level
    CM Cast Member
    CM’s Chef Mickey’s
    CMC Cape May Café
    CoP Walt Disney’s Carousel of Progress
    CP Candlelight Processional
    CP College Program
    CP Crystal Palace
    CR Contemporary Resort
    CR Coral Reef Restaurant
    CRO Central Reservations Office
    CRT Cinderella's Royal Table
    CS Counter Service
    CSR Coronado Springs Resort
    CW Comedy Warehouse

    DAK Disney's Animal Kingdom
    DAKL Animal Kingdom Lodge
    DC Disney Club
    DCA Disney’s California Adventure
    DCL Disney Cruise Line
    DCR Davy Crocket Ranch
    DD Downtown Disney
    DD Disney Dollars
    DDE Disney Dining Experience
    DDM Downtown Disney Marketplace
    DDP Disney Dining Plan
    DDWS Downtown Disney West Side
    DEP Disney’s Electrical Parade
    DFTW Disney Fairy Tale Wedding
    DHS Disney’s Hollywood Studios
    DI Disney Institute
    DL Disneyland
    DLH Disneyland Hotel
    DLP Disneyland Paris
    DLR Disneyland Resort
    DM Disney Magic
    DME Disney’s Magical Express
    DQ Disney Quest
    DTD Downtown Disney
    DVC Disney Vacation Club
    DW Disney World
    DWWS Disney’s Wide World of Sports
    DxDDP Deluxe Dining Plan

    EC Epcot
    ECV Electric Convenience Vehicle
    EE Early Entry
    EE Expedition Everest
    ELP Electrical Light Parade
    EMH Extra Magic Hours
    EoS Earl of Sandwich
    EP Epcot
    EWP Electrical Water Pageant

    F! Fantasmic!
    Fan Fantasmic!
    FDP Fantasmic! Dining Package
    FFC Flying Fish Café
    FGM Fairy Godmother
    FL Fantasyland
    FMT Family Magic Tour
    FOLK Festival of the Lion King
    FORT Fort Wilderness Campground
    FOTLK Festival of the Lion King
    FP FastPass
    FtW Fort Wilderness
    FWC Fort Wilderness Campground
    FW Future World

    GC Grand Californian
    GCH Grand Californian Hotel
    GCH Great Ceremonial House
    GF Grand Floridian Resort & Spa
    GG Garden Grill
    GG Grand Gathering
    GMR The Great Movie Ride
    GR Guest Relations
    GS Guest Services

    H&V Hollywood & Vine
    HBD Hollywood Brown Derby
    HDD Hoop-De-Doo Musical Revue
    HDDR Hoop-De-Doo Musical Revue
    HH Hilton Head
    HISTA Honey, I Shrunk the Audience
    HKDL Hong Kong Disneyland
    HM Haunted Mansion
    HM Hidden Mickey
    HOB House of Blues
    HoND Hunchback of Notre Dame
    HoP Hall of Presidents
    HS Hollywood Studios
    HSM High School Musical

    IASW It’s A Small World
    ICP Internation College Program
    IG International Gateway
    IJA Indiana Jones Adventure
    IN Illuminations
    IP International Program
    IPWTMFTTS I Paid Way Too Much for this T-shirt
    ISTC International Space Training Center
    ITTBAB It’s Tough To Be A Bug

    JC Jungle Cruise
    JIIWF Journey Into Imagination with Figment
    JIYI Journey Into Your Imagination
    JJP Jammin’ Jungle Parade

    K2TK Keys to the Kingdom Tour
    KJS Kilimanjaro Safaris
    KK Keys to the Kingdom
    KRR Kali River Rapids
    KTTW Key to the World
    KS Kilimanjaro Safaris

    LAL Leave A Legacy
    LBV Lake Buena Vista
    LC Le Cellier
    LC Lobby Concierge
    LK The Lion King
    LMA Lights Motor Action
    LMAX Lights Motor Action Extreme Stunt Show
    LS Living Seas
    LTT Liberty Tree Tavern

    M:S Mission: Space
    MCO Orlando International Airport
    ME Magical Express
    MGM Disney-MGM Studios
    MI Monsters, Inc.
    MiM Magic in Motion
    MK Magic Kingdom
    MLF Monsters, Inc. Laugh Floor
    MM Mickey Mouse
    MMC Mickey Mouse Club
    MMM Mickeys’ Magical Milestone Tour
    MNSSHP Mickey’s Not-So-Scary Halloween Party
    MS Main Street USA
    MS Mission: SPACE
    MSEP Main Street Electrical Parade
    MTWR Mr. Toad’s Wild Ride
    MV3D MuppetVision 3D
    MVMCP Mickey’s Very Merry Christmas Party
    MYW Magic Your Way

    ND Nine Dragons Restaurant
    NoJ Night of Joy
    NOS New Orleans Square

    OKW Old Key West Resort
    OKWR Old Key West Resort
    OPR Old Port Royale

    PAPP Pirate and Princess Party
    PC Pop Century Resort
    PD Pixie Dust
    PI Pleasure Island
    PH Park Hopper
    PH Planet Hollywood
    PM Pal Mickey
    PNPP Pirate and Princess Party
    PO Port Orleans Resort
    POC Pirates of the Caribbean
    POFQ Port Orleans French Quarter
    Poly Polynesian Resort
    POP Pop Century Resort
    POR Port Orleans Riverside
    POTC Pirates of the Caribbean
    PP Paradise Pier Hotel
    PP Peter Pan
    PS Priority Seating
    PSB Princess Storybook
    PTC 50’s Prime Time Café
    PVH Pinocchoi’s Village Haus Restaurant
    PW Primeval Whirl

    R&C Rose and Crown
    RC River Country
    RD Rope Drop
    RFC Rainforest Café
    RnR Rock ‘n’ RollerCoaster
    RoE IllumiNations: Reflections of Earth
    ROFR Right of First Refusal
    RPDE Richard Petty Driving Experience
    RS Port Orleans Riverside

    SB Stormalong Bay
    SD Swan and Dolphin Resorts
    SE/SSE Spaceship Earth
    SFRT Swiss Family Robinson Treehouse
    SGE Stitch’s Great Escape
    SM Space Mountain
    SM SpectroMagic
    SM Splash Mountain
    SoC Soarin’ Over California
    SOG Shades of Green
    SP Seasonal Pass
    SPACE Space Mountain
    SPLASH Splash Mountain
    SSR Saratoga Springs Resort
    ST Star Tours
    STWB Storytime with Belle
    SWSA Snow White’s Scary Adventure
    SWW Star Wars Weekend

    TDL Tokyo Disneyland
    TDS The Disney Store
    TGMR The Great Movie Ride
    TL Tomorrowland
    TL Typhoon Lagoon
    TLK The Lion King
    TLM The Little Mermaid
    ToD Tapestry of Dreams Parade
    ToT Tower of Terror
    TS Table Service
    TSI Tom Sawyer’s Island
    TSM Toy Story Mania
    TT Test Track
    TTA Tomorrowland Transit Authority
    TTC Transportation and Ticket Center
    TTS Triceratop Spin

    UoE Universe of Energy

    V&A Victoria and Albert’s
    VB Vero Beach Resort
    VOLM Voyage of the Little Mermaid
    VWL Villas at Wilderness Lodge

    WCC Whispering Canyon Café
    WDI Walt Disney Imagineering
    WDW Walt Disney World
    WED Walter Elias Disney
    WL Wilderness Lodge
    WLV Villas at Wilderness Lodge
    WOD Disney’s World of Disney
    WoL Wonders of Life
    WPC Wolfgang Puck Café
    WPE Wolfgang Puck Express
    WS West Side
    WS World Showcase
    WWoS Wide World of Sports
    WWS Wide World of Sports

    Y&B Yacht and Beach Club
    Y&Y Yak and Yeti
    YC Yacht Club Resort
    YOAMD Year of a Million Dreams
    YOAMTB Year of a Million Tim Bits
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    Someone has too much time on their hands ; ;D
  3. Ham Ham

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    Here's a couple more

    IPWTMFTTS: I paid way too much for this T shirt.
    YOAMTB: Year of a Million Tim Bits

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    IP- International Program
    ICP- International College Program
    DAK- Disneys Animal Kingdom (most commonly used for the park)
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    Thank you.
    Helps immensely
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    Wow that's a mouth full!!!!!!!
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    That's a lot of information, thanks for posting it for us. I would try and familiarize myself with some of it but I wouldn't do the whole list.
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    EPCOT- empty pockets cannot open turnstiles.


    Every person comes out tired.
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    Big help! Thanks for having it here. Fast reference! I wish I could have all those in my head in a snap and know them all. Really, really thank you!
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    Thank you so much for this! I was familiar with a few but there were several that I went "huh?" to when I saw them in other areas of the forum. This really helps out!
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    Thank you so much for the information, I could see this being quite handy, I would get kind of lost using just abbreviations.
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    Whoa, OMG, this is so cool! Thanks!

    For someone like me who's planning a Disney trip with the family this year, this list has got to be on one of my print-outs. Thank you very much!
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    Oy... And I thought I was a fan. I guess I have a bit more studying to do than I planned for! Thank you so much for these wonderful abbreviations. It helps immensely in figuring out what certain posts are about. :)
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    Thank you so much! This is so useful and helpful! I did not know that things like this exist actually, until my teacher mentioned it then I became curious and here I am. This will be so useful for future references. Thank you so much, again! :)
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    LOL I guess when I'm talking to my little brother I'll need to know these. Thanks for the info an tips.
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    It's evident that you've put a lot of work into this list and I'm certainly going to learn some new things from it! From now on guess I won't be left wondering what some of those actually mean.
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    The words are very sweet. I feel that it took a long time to compile the list. I have it saved if I need to impersonate any Disney character. I think you missed quite a few of Mickey's lines, or lingo I should say.
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    Thank you so much for this information! I'll make sure to write these down somewhere before visiting! This will make things so much easier and let me "fit in" better! Hopefully, this makes communication with the workers or others in the park easier and let me have the best time I can over there!
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    That's a lot of helpful information for everyone to know. That's good of you to provide that for people as I see a great deal of people, including myself, isn't familiar with it. I wonder how long it took to come up with this list.. Anyways, well done :)

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