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  1. When are you going to HHN? I need a human shield.
  2. ddindy

    ddindy Member Staff Member

    I plan to go on the 15th, but if you are going on the 22nd and I survive the 15th, I can do a double-header like 2021.
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  3. ddindy

    ddindy Member Staff Member

    Southwest is having a sale. Check to see if you can rebook your flight for a lower price. (I saved on my flight home.)
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  4. ddindy

    ddindy Member Staff Member

    For those who didn't see the updated post on page 1, we are going to the Magic Kingdom and MNSSHP on Thursday, October 19. Tickets go on sale April 27, 2023 for people with reservations at Disney resorts, Swan, Dolphin and Shades of Green. Everyone else can purchase tickets starting on May 2.

    The remaining park-of-the-day schedule has not been finalized.
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  5. ddindy

    ddindy Member Staff Member

    Tickets are now on sale for resort guests, but only for parties during the dates of your resort stay.
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  6. I purchased MNSSHP tix for Thursday Oct. 19th and Tuesday Oct. 24th.
    I also can go to HHN on Oct. 15th @ddindy

    Karl and Evan won't be around for the Disney Portion of my trip and they are uncommitted/ leaning toward no to HHN on the 15th of October. We have our plans set where we need them and that Sunday the 15th is probably a night where they will make their own plans or just crash in the room.

    If the weather is nice on that Sunday the 15th we may be doing a Volcano Bay day with a Cabana rental. It will either be that Saturday or Sunday depending on the weather.
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  7. ddindy

    ddindy Member Staff Member

    I'm doing MNSSHP on Oct. 17 and 19. I'll be home on the evening of the 24th.
    I will also be buying an HHN ticket for Oct.15.
    So that's three Halloweens in five nights.
    I also changed my flights from Orlando to Tampa. It's fall break in Indiana and everyone flies Southwest to Orlando. Airfare wasn't much cheaper but the rental car was. If I had more vacation days left I'd drive down again and save a couple of hundred dollars.
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  8. gary

    gary Member

    purchased my party ticket for the 19th, may go on the 17th , accruing funds for california right now so we'll see
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  9. Nancy AK

    Nancy AK Member

    Going to purchase my ticket tomorrow for the 19th right after I renew my pass.
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