2018 Side Event Sign-Up: The VOID: Star Wars - October 24 @ ~ 2:30pm (~$30)

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    [​IMG]The Void (Disney Springs): Wednesday, 10/24 @ ~2:30pm
    Cost: ~$30 (give or take a couple due to taxes)
    **We will buy our tickets for this upon arrival at The Void**

    Your mission should you choose to accept it...
    A galaxy far, far away needs your help. In teams of four, be transported with family and friends into the Star Wars universe.

    Under the orders of the budding rebellion, your team will travel to the molten planet of Mustafar. Your mission is to recover Imperial intelligence vital to the rebellion’s survival. Alongside the pragmatic droid K-2S0, your team must navigate through an enemy facility walking into danger at every turn. Disguised as stormtroopers, grab your blaster, solve puzzles, and fight giant lava monsters in an effort to fulfill your team's orders.

    How does it work?
    The VOID is a full sensory, immersive experience, with you, your friends and family walking around inside the action. It’s location-based entertainment – that means you visit one of our locations – and you walk into real-time hyper-reality that combines interactive sets, real-time effects and amazing technology. Yes, when you reach out for that railing in front of you... it’s really there!

    The rest of the info...
    We are plan to join the rebellion around 2:30pm (ticketed Times May vary slightly) as that will give us enough time to defeat the empire and then join the rest of the PixelManiacs for the Pre-Meet meal at Homecoming. Total game time can be anywhere from 30-60 minutes depending on the pregame wait time (ie how crowded it is when we arrive).

    Red Squadron:
    1. Jeffrey (Red1 )
    2. Joanie
    3. Dennis
    4. Tim (possibly)

    Blue Squadron:

    Green Squadron:

    *we will add/subtractSquadrons as needed if interest necessitates it*

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  2. I'm In !!!!!!
    PS Does anyone else read K-2SO and think Potassium Sulfate (K2-SO4)?
  3. RedOctober25

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    Maybe that’s why he was so salty...

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  4. ddindy

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    Sign me up because I am the very definition of rebel scum.
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  5. RedOctober25

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    I know... wait, wrong reply...

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  7. Nancy AK

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    My flight gets in at noon, Otherwise I’d be there :(
  8. Tim

    Tim Administrator Staff Member

    This sounds pretty cool. I might be interested.
  9. RedOctober25

    RedOctober25 Member

    I did it back in March... it’s a very cool experience. And I believe there’s a code for a free group photo at the end of it (normally $15).

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  10. ddindy

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    It's time to post your results.
    Here's my complete rundown, with translated Aurebesh in square brackets.

    WANTED in connection with rebel activity on Mustafar

    [Rebel agent dossier]
    Dennis - Guard
    Blaster accuracy 48%
    Troopers downed 13

    Impersonating a stormtrooper
    Theft of Imperial property
    Crashed a stolen vessel into an Imperial outpost
    assault against the Galactic Empire
    Slicing a secure Imperial computer terminal
    Destruction of Mustafarian natural wildlife

    [21050 Imperial credits dead or alive]
    [Bounty payable via First Imperial Bank of Coruscant]
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  11. Blaster accuracy: 57%
    Cartoon people killed 17

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  12. RedOctober25

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  13. ddindy

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    Looks like impersonating a stormtrooper extends all the way to imitating their marksmanship, for me at least.

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