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  1. My husband and I were given one ticket to Disney World for our honeymoon. It was up to us to buy the other ticket. We had a wonderful time. However, in order to save funds we decided to stay at the All Sports Resort. I think this must be one of the most under rated of all the resorts. What do you think? How was your stay at the All Star Sports resort? And What did you like about it?
  2. QueenElsa

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    My bf and I stayed there a couple of trips back, and we really liked it! I think the theming is really cute, and the bf is an athletic trainer/huge sports fan, so he appreciated it! It's definitely a good deal if you want to save money on your trip!
  3. firelily99

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    That sounds like the perfect place not only for my husband and I but the two teenagers as well. I enjoy sports but the three of them are fanatics!
  4. kylekur2

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    I have never been there, but I would really like to go because it looks like an awesome experience for couples or the whole family. I will consider staying there when I take my next trip there. Thanks for the reviews!
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    How is the pool? Does it have a restaurant? How is the service? I know this is one of the less expensive hotels so I was wondering how it compares. My husband and I did Disney for our honeymoon and stayed at The French Quater. We had almost as much fun on the hotel property as we did at Epcot!
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    All Star Sports (just like the other two All Star) has 2 pools: the main one, closer to the lobby, and the smaller one (also know as the "quiet" one), away from the bustle of the main building. The restaurant is a quick service one; think of it as a nice cafeteria. And the one for Sports was recently refurbished! By staying at Sports, you can always walk to its siblings (Music and Movies), and enjoy those pools and cafeterias, too. I like all three All Stars (even when my favorite is Music), and also Pop Century, but I'm the kind of guest who doesn't require many ammenities. Compared to the French Quarter, it may feel that lacks a little sumthin-sumthin, but it has all I need.

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