Animal Kingdom - Festival of the Lion King

Discussion in 'Disney's Animal Kingdom Photos' started by ddindy, Jan 20, 2015.

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    ok i will admit it here, as if anyone that is regular here did not already know, i am a ho for a disney stage show, every time, every trip, every pixelmanai, i swear i am going to be different, i swear i am just going to watch, i even go so far as to enter the theater with my camera in the bag, but my resolve weakens, my addiction rises up, and the next thing i know, there i am banging away, like i do not already have a couple thousand lion king shots, and don't even mention beauty & the beast. but there it is, disney is the absolute master of the 35 minute stage show

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    I keep trying to get a good shot of the flying bird lady. I was surprised to find this decent photo in my archives.

    Free As A Bird

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