Back to the World, September 24th...masks...ugh

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    Well a few months back, when the outdoor mask mandate dropped for vaccinated folks, finally! - I went ahead and booked 3 trips to Disney - my DVC points were bursting at the seams and I was going to lose some banked points after going 16 months without a trip. First trip back was 4th of July weekend, and I got the wonderful extra news that the indoor mask requirement dropped too - I only needed to have a handful of disposables on hand since they were required on the busses. While the parks aren't back to 'normal', with no FPs, park ressies needed, and still a lot of stuff closed, it was close enough to normal to be an enjoyable trip.
    Next up is 9/24-9/28. Once again staying at Saratoga Springs (it was all that I could find for all three trips). My hope was that maybe, just maybe, the transportation mask requirement might be gone by then, and even more stuff open - maybe fast passes might return (or their replacement). And I was even able to get my Annual Pass back again, through the AP recovery VIP line (my pass expired March 21, the time I didn't know I could renew it and ended up buying tickets for the July trip - they were kind enough to allow me to 'renew' my pass, but it won't be activated until 9/24/21 when I get there, so I'll have a year from that point rather than from March). BUT: transportation masks have not gone away - and indoor masks have returned...even for vaccinated. Not thrilled - but at least it's not for outdoor at this point. Who knows - maybe by end of September, things might change again and mask rules may change again - but I can begrudgingly cope with the indoor masks for now.
    Good news was that daily park reservations were no problem with the AP - all parks green, all days. Back in July I couldn't get a DHS park res at all, with the regular ticket...not sure if it's the AP that helped, or maybe some Covid cancellations (the one silver lining to the mask and Delta stuff would be if the parks were less crowded). ADRs though were very difficult - nothing during prime dining hours that matched the park I was in - or times were too early or late. At this time, I'm planning on going ADR-less. Between Food & Wine which I may use for dinner on multiple nights, Disney Springs which has so many options, and possibly squeezing in last minute ADRs same-day, I should be OK.

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