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  1. mSummers

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    That's correct. The RRS QD connector snaps into a socket in the newer model RRS tripod plates and L brackets. No unscrewing required, you just push in the release button on the QD.

    Another option if you like one of the other brands of L brackets or have an older RRS bracket is a small clamp RRS made with the QDsocket built into it:
  2. ddindy

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    I could do the same thing with a Kirk QR clamp, screwing the BR connector into the tripod socket. However, I'd worry about the clamp coming loose and dropping the camera. But then, if I had the RRS QD connector, I'd worry about bumping the QR button.

    I guess I'm just a worrier.
  3. mSummers

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    I thought the same thing on the RRS QD. I'm happy to report that it's extremely low risk. You have to press the button in about half way before it releases and the button has a fairly stiff spring behind it.

    I will admit I had one accident with mine. Because I have an older L bracket, I'm using the small clamp I noted above. I didn't have it tight enough causing the camera to fall. If I had the newer L bracket that receives the QD directly that wouldn't have happened.
  4. ddindy

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    I had a close call with mine recently: After taking a few photos, I lowered my camera to my side, but when it got to where the strap should have taken the load off of my hand, it didn't. The eye had come unscrewed from the L-bracket. If I didn't have a firm hold on my camera, it would have dropped to the ground I must have not screwed the eye in tight enough. That's the first and fortunately only time that has happened.
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    Oh boy, glad it didn’t fall. That’s the only thing that bothers me about the BlackRapid straps, I guess there is a tether/safety strap to add? I really like how my Peak Design Slide attaches to my camera, but it bothers my neck. Do you have a quick release plate connector attached to your L Bracket so you don’t remove the screw? Someone in my camera club suggested using ‘Locktite’ for the screw, but I don’t know about this.
  6. ddindy

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    No, I just screw it in, and make sure it's tight. I've never had that kind of problem. The only problem I've ever had, and it's not a camera-threatening problem, is with the connector at the end of the strap. It's similar to a caribiner, but it has a cylindrical nut that screws down so it won't come unsnapped. Mine seem to slowly unscrew themselves, but I've never had one unhook from the camera. The newer ones have a plastic guard to prevent unscrewing.

    If you have neck problems, you might look at a camera harness. It has straps that go over your shoulders like a backpack, and your camera hangs from two short straps attached to the front of the harness. A guy who used to come to Pixelmania sold them at one time, but he's not doing that any more.

    There are several companies that make similar products. Just search for "camera harness."
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    I am so OCD that I probably check both the caribiner and the screw every 3-5 minutes.
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    . Oh jeez, that’s me too;):(. I always check the connections on my Peak Design Slide often and it’s connected in 3 spots
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