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Discussion in 'Disney Vacation Planning & Transportation' started by Halifaxman44, Jan 8, 2015.

  1. Halifaxman44

    Halifaxman44 Member

    Hello all,
    I am a Canadian Disney fan.

    In April 2016 we are planning a big blended family central Orlando trip.
    This will include a total of 12 people (6 adults and 6 children).

    For cost purpose are we better to stay at a rental home or a resort?

    Thank you
    Canadian Disney fan
  2. Sean

    Sean Administrator Staff Member

    Hello From Halifax, @Halifaxman44....

    Well hello from lower Sackville :)

    I think your best option with that many people is too rent a house for 99 dollars a night and then get a couple cars for transportation, that will give you the biggest savings.

    IF money isn't an problem and you and the family can afford it...

    Stay on property!!!!!!!!! The benefits for staying on property are extra/early magic hours, free transportation to and from your resort and you're immersed in Disney for the length of your stay. Disney has some of the best restaurants in the world and offers really great eating options.
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  3. RedOctober25

    RedOctober25 Member

    I concur with Sean. If you can afford to, stay on property but otherwise rent a large house. The one other option might also be to "rent" DVC points. That can also be a cheaper alternative.
  4. ayesell

    ayesell Member

    Check out the Disney web site re: Old Key West villas. That might be an option for your group. OKW has the largest villas of all the DVC properties. Most of all, enjoy your trip.
  5. Halifaxman44

    Halifaxman44 Member

    Good day all,
    We are not part of the DVC. We are looking at getting a rental home.
    Here is a list of the areas we are going to visit:
    2 days at Magic Kingdom
    1 day at Epcot
    1 day at Hollywood Studios
    1 day at Animal Kingdom
    1/2 day or so at Typhoon Lagoon and Downtown Disney (see La Nouba)
    Question: Are you better to get a 6 day Disney pass? Would you also like the option to park hop?
    Would we be entitled to Fastpass Plus?

    How about parking everyday? Can you leave 1 park and go to another with a validated parking ticket or is it better to park at one park then take Disney transportation around?

    Thank you
    Canadian Diney fan
  6. mSummers

    mSummers Member

    I recommend the park hopper. It gives you the option of going to a second park after the one you're in closes or making dining reservations without having to worry about which park you plan to do on specific days.

    Regarding the number of days, the difference between 5 & 6 days is $10. If you think you might go to a park on the 6th day even if it is just to watch fireworks, it may be worth it.

    I believe you would be entitled to FP+ while staying off property, but you can't book them until 30 days out. Resort guests can book at 60 days out so your choices may be limited

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