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    As my wonderful Audi wagon was about to go off warranty, and that itch had come again to get a new car - I had been hunting around for this particular model when it was first rumored back in 2018, then it was delayed for U.S. launch, then finally announced but in very limited release, then not in the color I wanted so I had to place an order, then the order was canceled when they decided they weren't going to produce any more of that particular trim in that color...and finally, my local dealer tracked one down with exactly the equipment and package I was looking for, and in my hard-to-find color, so they dealer-swapped for it and I closed the deal on Wednesday.

    After my last car being black, silver before that, a brown one in between, black before that, silver before that, and black before that...I decided I needed something with a color for a change, which is why I was being such a stickler to get a hold of the eyeball-searing, glowing golden color of 'Kurkuma Yellow'.

    The car is a 2019 Volkswagen Arteon SEL Premium R-Line, a large 5-door hatchback entry-lux sedan, with as much space as my wagon, plus AWD:




    New car tech is a little nutty though - I haven't used (and probably have no intention of using) any of the automated features, but the thing can pretty much drive itself - all that weird hands-free steering and driving, distance following, GPS map reading, self-parking stuff. I love driving cars, so I can't see myself using a lot of that trickery.

    Should be much easier to find this car in the Disney parking lot than my black one. :)
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