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    Hate to lead up with a non Walt Disney photo but I did not find a previous thread. I like how they added this meet and greet area which can be changed fairly quickly for new movies in the future. Hopefully, this will help keep this attraction open to show how Walt Disney started and created an empire. Not to mention being a great place to show past and future attraction models.

    I Am Cute
    by Scott Thomas, on Flickr
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    i gotta watch guardians of the galaxy, watched #2 on the plane back from denver last month, it was funny at times and i thought pretty decent, especially as flight time filler
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    Need to see it on a bigger screen, @gary and first movie does setup the second so you might have wondered about some of the interplay between the characters.
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    Did you know that Walt's real dream was to become a ventriloquist and perform in Las Vegas nightclubs? The reason you didn't know is because it's not true.

    Walt the Ventriloquist
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    Look, there's Walt. And look over there, it's another Walt.

    Seeing Double

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