Disney Transportation Thread 2: The Sequel!

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    A very long-running and popular photo thread has filled up a bit too much, and has been around so long that many of the older photo links are dead - so by popular vote it was decided we should start a fresh new photo thread dedicated to all things Disney Transportation!

    Note: this would include any park or resort transportation you use to get from one point to another, as opposed to round trip rides that only return to the original destination with no stops...if you can get on in one place, and get off in another, it counts as transportation. Included: Magic Kingdom Railroad, monorails, parking lot trams, busses, resort boat transportation, Epcot boat transportation, Animal Kingdom's train to Rafiki's, courtesy golf carts at resorts to bring you and your luggage to your room, and the new Skyliner gondola system.

    Here's the original post of the first thread, as it was originally posted but with new photo links, just to kick things off for the new thread:

    Back in the 'E' ticket days as a kid, I always felt like the great variety of Disney's Transportation system was like getting to go on free rides - some of which to a kid rivaled the A-D ticket rides in the park.

    Of course, most people are very familiar with either the ferry that takes you from Ticket & Transportation Center to Magic Kingdom, or the legendary Monorail:


    And I know there have to be some kids at heart that still somehow get a kick out of the parking lot trams (beep beep). Once inside Magic Kingdom, just about everyone has ridden the train:

    And likely everyone had wedged their way onto a standing-room-only Disney bus!

    Anything in or outside the parks designed to get you from point A to point B I'd consider a form of transportation. But there are lots of other forms of transportation that I absolutely love, and will ride even if I don't have a need to.

    The Disney boats in particular, which those who have stayed in Disney resorts are likely familiar with, have always been favorites - they are some of the most peaceful excursions, tend to be quite scenic, and last the longest too!

    Those who have travelled between Fort Wilderness, the Contemporary, and Magic Kingdom may recognize these two types of boats:



    They take a long and beautiful cruise through the bays and wilderness.

    Between Hollywood Studios, Boardwalk resort, Swan, Dolphin, Yacht & Beach, and Boardwalk, you can ride these boats:

    Take this boat from Hollywood Studios to Epcot - you get a lovely long ride, relaxing, stop at a few resort hotels along the way, and get dropped off at the International Gateway between France and England...much more relaxing and scenic than the bus!

    The same type of boats (though a different route) run in the Epcot World Showcase Lagoon to shortcut your walking:

    If you've stayed at Port Orleans, Old Key West, or Saratoga Springs, you may have jumped on the boat to Disney Springs...or to get around Disney Springs:

    What some may not realize is that they are free, and you don't have to be staying there to ride them. The Disney resorts themselves are so beautifully designed and themed that they are worth a visit for anyone staying off-site, and one of the most fun ways to get there is by taking one of these boats.

    I'm sure you Disney photog fans have some stunning pics of the various Disney Transportation...I'd love to see them all! Post whatever you've got from Disney Transportation - busses, trams, monorails, ferries, boats, trains, golf carts...anything that's free and helps get you from one place to another!
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    is that one of the nonreversible disney buses, the ones with no reverse gear??

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