Do you have to make breakfast reservations in advance?

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  1. cleob

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    Other then the character breakfasts is it necessary to make dining reservations for breakfast at the resort you're staying at? I made all my dinner reservations ahead but when I tried to make a reservation at Old Key West for breakfast during our stay there it looked like only very late morning was available which will interfere with our getting to the park. Is it really not possible to eat breakfast where you're staying without a reservation? This will be our first Disney vacation and my first question on this forum.
  2. RedOctober25

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    If you are staying at Old Key West, depending on your room type, you could also have breakfast in your villa (especially if you have a full kitchen).
  3. ayesell

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    Old Key West has kitchens with all you need to make breakfast. You can find a list of what is in the cupboards on
  4. RedOctober25

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    Old Key West would also have a small Quick Service counter that has a few hot breakfast sandwiches (think egg mcmuffin style) available. But as for a full restaurant/table service meal, I suppose that you would only need to give yourself some extra time if you are not able to be seated right away. There are so many factors to wether a restaurant is busy or not that are unknown that we can't give you definitive yes or no... Just a maybe.

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