Expatriate Trey Ratcliff's "Decision" on Nikon or Sony (NEX)

Discussion in 'Digital Cameras & Equipment' started by Roger, Jul 4, 2013.

  1. Roger

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    http://www.stuckincustoms.com/2013/07/0 ... -nikon-vs/

    If you follow him on G+ you probably know that he recently went on a trip to China, and didn't take his D800, only his NEX-7. ; He wasn't paid for it, but basically he was trying to figure out if he should focus on one system or not....

    This is his decision.
  2. jbwolffiv

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    I just may be on that list to switch and I only read half the article. ; Thanks for sharing that Roger.
  3. zackiedawg

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    I definitely understand the sentiment, though am not quite there myself. ; I can't quite see giving up my DSLR, but definitely let the NEX do more and more of my everyday shooting. ; There are still some types of shooting the mirrorless cameras just can't do as well or as easily, so I''ll still be a two-system user. ; But having just done my first full legit trip to Disney with only the NEX and leaving the DSLR home, I can't say I felt like I was missing anything, and was still able to take all the same types of shots...so it's definitely becoming ; the travel system of preference for most situations.
  4. Tim

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    As much as I love my NEX-6, in some areas it is admittedly "not ready for prime time"... ; low light focusing and auto-focus on moving targets to name two specifics. ; Add in the still-maturing technology and a limited native lens lineup and I won't be dumping my 1dX anytime soon.

    But I really do love my NEX-6.

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