Favourite Character Dining?

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  1. Hi - would love to see some reactions.

    My family has favourite spots we always go to - dining with Cinderella at the castle being one, or 1900 Park Fare for supper with Prince Charming (or Supercalifragilistic breakfast), and we love Liberty Town Tavern with Minnie, and a new top spot for us is Ohanas with Lilo and Stitch. ; But our absolute favourite spot by far is starting the day with Mickey and Minnie at Chef Mickey's - we love it!

    What's your favourite spot?
  2. scratch

    scratch Member

    Our Fav spot has always been Crystal Palace for Breakfast!

    I remember, one year, we had the same table and same CM for three year's running! ;

    It's too bad about LTT, since the characters won't be there starting in the new year. ; We always have dinner there before doing MNSSHP!
  3. CameraGirl

    CameraGirl Member

    On our last trip we did Hoop-De-Doo Musical Revue. ; It was fun and I can only imagine how much fun the kids actually had since Mickey, Minnie, Goofy and the chipmunks were dancing around with all of them. ; The buffet had a lot of choices as well.
  4. Miss Megara

    Miss Megara Member

    Hands down, Chef Mickey's. ; Although breakfast with Stitch is always a crawl. ; :D

    I know I'm alone in my thoughts here, but I am saying good riddance to Liberty Tree. ; Good gawd, that Stouffers sponsorship has KILLED that restaurant and it use to be SOOOOOOO good! ; I swear, TV dinners are BETTER than that food. ; ::)
  5. Cute - Miss meagra, about LTT. ; My hubby would agree with you, but I still love it. ; We go everytime - I can't get enough turkey, no matter what shape, form, etc. - so I always enjoy LTT. ; But my hubby hates going there - he shares your opinion of the spot, and only goes for me. ; We usually go right before Not So Scary, like Scratch.

    Minnie mentioned Hoop Dee Doo - we love that spot too - it's always a staple. ; We go at least once each trip (sometimes twice) - the jokes are corny, the food great, but a wonderful evening all around. ; The Mickey's Backyard BBQ is the one with the characters dancing I think. ; It's also at Fort Wilderness. ; We've gone to that before, and loved the buffet as well - but my daughter was much younger when we went - and she was running to keep up with the characters. ; I was stressed trying to keep up to her in the throng of strangers. ; We'll probably venture back again so DD2 can experience it - but I'm waiting til she's a little older, and listens to mom a little better about being in crowds.

    I've never gone to Crystal Palace for breakfast - always did lunch or dinner. ; Guess I"ll have to try it out!
  6. Northernmouse

    Northernmouse Member

    Our kids favourite by far is Crystal Palace the food is great and they love the Winnie the Pooh characters. Chef Mickeys was good also but I find it too busy. I enjoy 1900 Park fare with the princesses not only are there princesses but I find it is quieter there isn't as much running around.
  7. and 1900 Park Fare is the only place that I've ever seen Prince Charming (besides my own version, of course).
  8. weemcp

    weemcp Global Moderator Staff Member

    we have only done crystal palace for breakfast....next time we go we will do 1 or 2 others, as we will have our little one with us
  9. Crystal Palace is great for a late lunch or a supper too - try it out! ; It's buffet has a fantastic selection that will appeal to almost all palates - from the ubiquitous chicken fingers, mac n' cheese for the kids - to some really neat chicken and beef entrees for adults. ; We often will go for lunch right when the parade is on (fewer people then) - but the characters can disappear for a while (as they are "in" the parade - or at least Winnie is, so whoever is playing Winnie at CP - if there's a double - takes a breather) at parade time - gives you a chance to digest your food without jumping up every 5 minutes for a picture and autograph and dance with the characters; but then we hang around a bit to make sure we meet and greet each one. (Of course, we only do this is we've already seen the daytime parade on this trip, and are going to a nightime parade that night - I love the parades at MK - but don't see the same one two days in a row, usually)
  10. Ariel2

    Ariel2 Member

    So breakfast is better than dinner you say for these meals? Is it because you will be pooped by the end of the day?
  11. amw

    amw Member

    I prefer to book a character meal on a non-park day if your schedule allows. Especially if you have real young ones. We would usually do shopping at Downtown Disney or a swim day at the hotel, followed by the first dinner seating for a character meal.

    That way the kids can take a leisurely time enjoying the meal and aren't overwelmed by the activity after a day of activity. ; ;)

    When my girls were much younger, we liked to do Chef Mickey's followed by a circuit on the monorail. It was the highlight of their trip at 5! LOL! Now I prefer to avoid character meals and opt for quiet time instead. ; :D
  12. stitchaholic

    stitchaholic Member

    CP has used itself up in my book, I am not a fan anymore. 1900 park fare breakfast was soooo good, the mat hatter is a ball, but the downside to this place are the crowds, I can deal with it in the parks, but not when I am eating.
    By far, my fav is Cape May breakfast buffet, beautiful resort, quiet, and the character interaction is not rushed, the food seems fresher than the CM buffet
  13. PGFamily

    PGFamily Member

    We have trouble going to WDW without eating at Cinderella Castle for breakfast - the stuffed french toast is to die for in our opinion. ; Because of the price, we originally said it was going to be a "one time" experience, but we find ourselves enjoying the "treat" every time we go. ; My son couldn't care less about the princesses but he talks about the food for a month ahead of time!
  14. Anonymous

    Anonymous Guest

    My favs are 1900 Park Fare fore dinner the food is great and the step sisters are a blast.
    Chef Mickeys for breakfast , ;
  15. deblen4

    deblen4 Member

    We always liked Chef Mickey's. ; Our kids are no longer as excited to see the characters, but every few trips we still do Chef Mickey's. ; Although we tried this in the fall and were less than impressed with the food, which has taken priority over the characters for us now.
    Always enjoyed O'Hana's breakfast and 1900 Park Fare. ; My favourite used to be 20 years ago when we would grab a quick breakfast at Epcot at the Electric Umbrella and the characters seemed to have a lot of time to spend with the kids. ;

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