[How-To] - Like a Post, Get Someones Attention or Copy and Paste

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  1. Sean

    Sean Administrator Staff Member

    In this description we are showing you how to Like a Post and get someone attention.

    If you look at Tim's post below, you will notice he has used aysell name and put an @ sign in front of it. By using the @ sign and typing the person's name they will be alerted about the post when they login next.

    Also like facebook, you have the option of "Like" a post. At the bottom right of each users comment you have a like & reply button. If you click the Like button the person who made the post will be alerted that you liked it.

    Copy and Paste - Everyone who uses forums, knows that copy and paste of images doesn't work and you need to save it to your desktop and then upload it .. blah blah blah.... Well NOT ANYMORE!!!!!!!!!!!!

    This software will copy and paste an image directly into the forum for you, All you need to do is click on the message box and hit hold down CTRL - V and it will paste the image into the forum for you.

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  2. Tim

    Tim Administrator Staff Member

    Awesome-sauce, @Sean!
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  3. Sean

    Sean Administrator Staff Member

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