Just two more days until I'm back at WDW

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    Finally - after a ridiculous year and a third away from any Disney park for the first time since 1971 (how's that for a statistic?!), with my last trip being the first week of March 2020 just before they closed the parks for Covid...I'll finally be back up there starting July 2nd. Staying at Saratoga Springs...because nothing else was available - and in fact even at Saratoga I had to move my original weekend plan to the 4th of July weekend just to try to find 4 nights in a row.

    I'm guessing when they lifted the mask mandates indoors, there was a mad rush to book DVC, because I started trying to book the day that was announced, and it seemed no matter what dates I tried, nothing was available for more than 2 nights in a row. With some fishing around, I was able to find the 4th of July weekend available at Saratoga for a 1-bedroom villa, then I decided I better try to book the other trips this year too - my usual early September trip had to be pushed back to 9/24 to find 4 consecutive nights, and again only at Saratoga, and then for December, I had to move to the 2nd week, starting 12/10 for 5 nights at...yep, Saratoga. DVCers like myself with boatloads of points left hanging around after the closure and the masked times are obviously jumping in there and trying to use up their points.

    Still sounds like everything isn't quite back to normal, but it's normal enough for me to return. The biggie was the no-masks indoor or out if vaccinated...though you still need them on the transportation - so I'll be bringing a 10-pack of disposables with me that should get me through those moments when I need to take the bus. Of course, it's stupid-hot right now, and threat of rain is about 95% each day...but that's no different than it is at home right now - so might as well be hot and wet at Disney than hot and wet at home.

    Some things I admit I don't mind - hopefully less of the daily shows and performances everywhere, which are my least favorite evolution in the parks as I like more time to wander in quiet and enjoy the scenery, and not have all the park speakers blaring music and singing every 30 minutes. Wish more restaurants and resorts were open, but I can get by without them. Anyway...that's all for now!
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