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Discussion in 'Digital Cameras & Equipment' started by Scottwdw, Aug 30, 2013.

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    I wrote up a review of the L-Brackets I use today. Click the image to read it.

  2. Tim

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  3. Scottwdw

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    Thanks, Tim. ; The Acratech is what Gary uses and I knew I had to have it once I saw him work with it. ; The L-Bracket will forever be part of my tripod setup. ; Takes a lot of the headache out of switching orientations. I will have both with me at Pixelmania this year.
  4. Tim

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    Nice, Scott. ; Will be adding those to the wishlist for sure.
  5. mSummers

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    Nice article, Scott!
  6. I enjoyed reading the article Scott! The only problem for me is that that "bottom of the camera real estate" is occupied by my Cotton Carrier hub and tripod mounting bracket. It seems like there is no shortage of things to install on the bottom of cameras these days... all for the better! Thanks for the info...

  7. jbwolffiv

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    Thanks for that Scott! ; Just added that to the wish list for Christmas!
  8. thewuf

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    I agree with Joanie, I really enjoy your articles Scott. ; I've been hooked on the Really Right Stuff setup for a few years now including the L-Bracket. ; The thing I'd add for Joanie's dilemma, is the RRS setup (and it might be the same for other brands) ; replicates the screw hole on the bottom of the camera in the plate base so you can still attach those other things (like my Black Rapid) without removing anything.

    Well done Scott!

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