Letchworth State Park

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    I'm enjoying it. I'm not versed in a lot of what it can do yet. It was overcast for much of the day I was at Letchworth and skys look mostly blow out. A2's Recovery slider handled that great. I never had an editor that showed me under and overexposed area before which is a great guide. I know you don't always have to eliminate them but, for these images, it helped a lot.

    I also used your formula and applied Highlights and Shadows adjustments after using the Difinition slider. The Vibrancy slider helped bring up the colors in a couple of the photos, too.

    Question on sharpening though. When I zoom in to set it, I don't see a lot of difference. That's a good thing, yes? The overall results look fine.
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    I haven't used the Loupe to apply sharpening. I just do it from the fit to window view and sharpen based on how I like it there; I have caught it oversharpening so I go back and fix it.

    But one thing I noticed is that my D300 needs more of the RAW adj. than my M3 did; I think the AA filter on the D300 is the culprit. Before I stamped the RAW 2.0 processing to all of my images from some Cub Scout stuff last night I thought I was looking at my M3 all over again with focus problems galore...I was wrong.
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    No, not the loupe, I press Z in full screen mode to zoom in and then apply sharpening. I don't know if sharpening will work with the loupe (which btw is a cool tool when you turn on the RGB color indicator).

    As for the D300, I know there's a lot of settings to optimize the images in the camera but I think only Capture NX can take full advantage of that. Since I shoot JPEG with my D70, that's what my Master files are and not RAW. A2 handles the JPEGs very well.
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