MDP Show #27... 9/2/2007

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    "I've been a good girl. I've never lied, except when necessary, and I always bought mom and dad expensive gifts... using their credit card of course." -- Sharpay Evans (Ashley Tisdale), High School Musical 2

    Come take a trip with us to East Side High School and The Lava Springs Resort as we take a look at the Disney phenomenon known as High School Musical. Join the Magical Definition Cast as we explore the beginnings of the High School Musical series, the current film, High School Musical 2, and upcoming events surrounding the Wildcats. So grab you dancing shoes and get ready to become a Wildcat!

    Don't forget there is only 29 days (as of this Sunday) until "The Epcot Thing" so get those RSVPs in today! ( As always you can contact the crew at (206) 888 - MDP2 or by email at

    For more information and to listen to the show visit

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