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    we all know i have had some interesting interactions with my Disney experience with my passes, reservations etc over the last 2 years, some humorous some not
    this morning i was up early to help with chores, so i signed into mid disney and ordered a merry christmas ticket for 12/5, 30 minutes later the little spinning dots indicator was still spinning, so i closed out the page signed in again and again tried to order a ticket, that also resulted in the spinning ball of indecision, for more than 30 minutes since i went off showered, dressed, and ate something. at the end of that i figured system code 101, never indicated a complete sale, either one, i'll try again or call later, so later this morning i sign back into my disney, but something told me to check Myer passes/tickets section, and what to Myer wondering eyeshadow es should appear but not 1 but 2 party tickets, and i checked email and 2 confirmations, 2 minutes apart, and an email telling me they'll received my order and would confirm it from 30 minutes before that at 5:56 am

    so i am now on hold while the ticket office has a supervisor reviews this to cancel 1 of the 2 tickets
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    update, disney ticket supervisor is processing a one time refund for the non dvc ticket, although i have no idea since my disney always shows me as a dvc member?? how gracious, their laggy, full of bugs computer system caused this, i fully expected a refund
    the supervisor advised that in the future if i get the spinning dots of indecision, walk away and call them later in the day to confirm the order?? why is it i can confirm an amazon order in less that 10 seconds, but disney, not so much. if i wanted that much cast interaction i would have just called to begin with
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