My new A300 DSLR and 200-500 lens visit the Wetlands (imgs)

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    That is nice to see...just wish the world wasn't so sneaky a place where you have to worry about someone stealing your stuff! I agree, it's nice to see higher res shots posted by others. I suppose the other way around it is to use a watermark - but those are a real quandary. Do you use a watermark so small as to be unobtrusive...but then very easily cloned over still allowing your photo to be stolen? Or do you use a huge, hard to remove watermark right across the meat of the photo, which makes your photo much more protected but terrible to look at?

    I sort of settled on the smaller but still high quality postings - using 800x600, but I save them as top-quality JPEGs, with minimal compression, and try to keep them as sharp and crisp as possible. It seems to work OK, and anyone interested in paying you for the shots is usually smart enough to assume you've got higher quality and will e-mail an inquiry. It's possible that I've lost sales - that I'll never know about - because they were browsing only for high res photos...but I also know dozens of people who have gone through the nightmare of trying to recover a stolen photo, or worse get back their rights and profits after it's been distributed in another person's name!

    I had it happen to me on a very small level - a cruise website I go to has a database of cabin shots, so people going on a particular ship and staying in a cabin can look at photos of that cabin from others who have stayed there. People submit their photos, and they pay you something tiny like $1.50 per shot. It's more just an information database. But when I first heard about the site, and decided to send them all of my cabin shots from my cruises (I cruise I had dozens of shots)...I was quite surprised to find several of my cabin pics already posted there! Fortunately, having the originals with EXIF intact, as well as the series of shots immediately before and after, made it easy to reclaim them as my own (and get paid for them)...but it was just another reminder of the world we live in.

    On a side note...I just got hit with a request last night from a small-time book publisher that inquired about purchasing some photos for their upcoming book on Old San Juan, Puerto Rico. That's two in two weeks! Crazy and isn't generating a living...but a little pocket or spendin' cash on the side doesn't hurt - and it's all helping to pay for my new camera and lenses. I keep dreaming at night that National Geographic is going to contact me with an offer for a permanent freelance contract, at $200,000 per year, all expenses paid, to travel anywhere I want and just send them the photographs. Of course, they might get a little sick of Disney pics every few months! :)
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    this is all very good to know, it's quite a sore subject over on a high end site i also frequent, populated by many working pro's, i'll leave it nameless but the initials are fm, i'm sure many here will be able to recognize the initials
    many over there are really crying the blues over the proliferation of inexpensive quality lenses and bodies, thus the explosion in useable shots from straight up amateurs, hey take enough shots and even i hit it right once in awhile, thus leading to market oversaturation and consequent drop in what stock agencies have to offer for rights
    this also really has me thinking about changing the size of what i put online, i had been uploading full res jpegs to phanfare, not figuring anyone would steal a photo, my purpose was to have an offsite full res backup available, but with the business change at phanfare i may migrate over to a serviced web site anyway, checking out the service from a company called 1and1, i figure on doing something when we return with the panama trip galleries, having an invitation only site is not what i really want
    so i guess whatever way i go it will end up low res, reverting back to off site backups in mom's fire proof safe and maybe at another relative's house
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    Yeah, I figure digital has made life harder for professionals. If you look around on Craigslist you can typically find a bunch of people looking for professional photography services, frequently for things like model sheets, and offering next to or really no pay. To an extent there is room for novices helping each other out, a beginning model getting free pics from a beginning photographer seems to make sense to me. Craigslist actually has a lot of trading like that, sometimes it's trading work, sometimes it's trading items in the classifieds..

    But you also see a lot of angry replies from indignant photographers demanding that no-one reply to those ads, saying that if you want professional photography you should be paying large professional fees. I think I've seen them go to far as to say that amateur photographers shouldn't accept pay, that they should wait until they're professional level and then, of course, charge the higher professional prices. I guess I can see an argument for both sides, but it's the market, what can you do?
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    shwoo, nice work, love the running on water shots, espc. the first one.....
  5. Kiki

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    As usual, I'm late to the party...again...but really nice work. You must love that lens!
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    Nice photo's Justin!
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    Thanks all! Sorry, been away a few days - was out shooting over the weekend, at this same area coincidentally! I've got alot more shots from here on my galleries - there's one called Wakodahatchee Wetlands with photos from my H5 and inside of that gallery is another subgallery of shots from the A300 - I've probably added 200 photos from the A300 so far. I've got another 60-70 from this past weekend which I'm still working on cropping and resizing...should get them up by tomorrow. It's a wonderful place for shooting birds and wildlife - I just wish it wasn't 100 degrees the past week or so...I sweated and dehydrated my way through 10 miles of swamp, and had to come home and soak in the pool both days to cool off...but the pool is as warm as a bathtub too. It's hot down here!
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