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    The WDW news feeds are buzzing about a new band that will be performing at Epcot's Germany pavilion. Margret Almer and the Bavarian Band will appear soon, bringing traditional Bavarian yodelling to the south side of the lagoon. Grab a beer and a brat and sing along.
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    Wonder how much $ entered into this. I went to the link and noticed it's a trio
    A few very good bluegrass bands work only as a 4 piece, simply because of the cost of another hotel rom, daily food per diem and another ticket for fly in shows.

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    I noticed on the Disney Blog announcement that they are there to start on a 3 month trial basis (then stick around if audience demand is there - Disneyspeak for "They're gone if they ask for more money if popular"?)... Anyway, that three month trial ends a couple weeks prior to PixelMania so I hope they stick around.

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