new years day fire

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    i step off the back porch, going down to the fire house at 7:21 pm on new years day to do a little admin stuff, pager goes off and while the message is transmitting i hear 2 loud explosions, probably the tires letting go on the mini cooper inside this garage, i sign on, go about 500 feet and firecom calls me to advise pd on scene confirming the working fire, yes it was. i thought i had walked into the gates of hell, garage fully engulfed, extending into the house, wind driven embers the size of my thumb flying past me bouncing off the cedar shake on the house next door, 3 cars in the driveway with the front ends melting off from radiant heat, and behind them a tree on fire. oh yeah, good times.
    6-1-30 to county, retone jamesport for the 13-35, riverhead ambulance for 2 rigs to the scene, riverhead fire one engine to the scene, mattituck fire for the ladder, cutchogue fire for the rapid intervention team, flanders fire for an engine to standby jamesport.

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