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Discussion in 'Disney Vacation Planning & Transportation' started by weemcp, Apr 26, 2010.

  1. weemcp

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    talking with in-laws yesterday, they said that they will pay the hotel, but we need to cover our airfare and meals etc.

    So, what's the best way to do airfare? We want direct out of and into ottawa (we will have a 3.5 yo and a 6mth old)
    I checked west jet and it was about 630 round trip for each of us. ; But, coming home we had to go through toronto.
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    Are you sure you don't want to drive down to Syracuse?

    If not, check around the ther airlines, include the US carriers that fly out of Ottawa. ;
    You could also check in with one of our friendly neighbourhood t/a's... or try researching prices on expedia or travelocity.
  3. Ham Ham

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    How far from Ottawa to SYR 4 -5 hours? Yes I know I could google it. I'm looking for the personal touch.

    Within 6 hours of Ham Ham central we can fly out of Buffalo, Rochester,Detroit, Flint, Cleveland, Akron, ; Pittsburgh, ; and Syracuse.
    Here's the cities we've used.

    • Pittsburgh 3 times
    • Buffalo 2 times
    • Detroit 1
  4. direct airfare from Ottawa to Orlando is a beautiful but rare bird - usually only when heavy traffic time (march break, etc.). Sometimes AC will offer it, but they'll change their times, minds just as often. Sometimes westjet offers it - it's hit or miss when; although you can search their pricing engine easily enough.It really depends what season you're looking to go. ;

    With wee ones, if direct flights are important, you might want to drive to Montreal (2hrs) or Toronto (4hrs) to get charters - Transat, Noli from YUL esp. SWG from YYZ or YUL. ; Course, there are scads of direct options from Toronto or Buffalo. SYR is closer to YOW, and it's possible, but it's 3hr drive w/o border consideration, and it's hit or miss whether or not you can get great price jet blue, etc. Unless you want to spend time driving, dealing with border, parking to pay while away and/or ; hotel stay too; you might just want to consider just booking the hopper flight and preparing as best you can. ;

    You're not going to do much better with air from YOW than $500 pp at the best of times, with or without that rare and beautiful direct bird, so you have to decide how much time and energy you want to invest to save that $100. Everyone's vacation time and money are precious items, of course, but believe me - Ottawa ain't the easiest town to get out of!
  5. weemcp

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    Driving is not an option. With the 2 kids, I don't want to have to travel far to an airport/home.

    I don't care so much about direct on the way down since my inlaws will be with us (2 extra sets of hands) it's coming home because it will just be "our" family.

    I guess I will just keep looking around. We won't be booking anything until aug/september anyways so we will see what happens!
  6. what dates are you looking to travel again?
  7. weemcp

    weemcp Global Moderator Staff Member

    nothing is set yet. Hoping for the first week of february

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