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  1. mSummers

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    While not an officially scheduled event, Dennis, Gary and I are doing the Marceline to Magic Kingdom tour on Wednesday 10/15. The tour starts at 8:00am and runs for about 3hrs. If you're arriving early and would like to join us, call Disney and order your tickets: (407) WDW-TOUR or (407) 939-8687

    The tour offers a 20% discount if you have an AP or a Disney Visa, so don't forget to mention that when ordering your tickets.
  2. ddindy

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    For those of us taking the tour: The resort monorail loop currently starts running at 7 am, so driving to the Magic Kingdom parking lot is one option. The other option is the 6:30 am "breakfast bus" from your resort. Since we need to arrive at the MK entrance no later than 7:45 am, both appear feasible.

    Who is taking to tour? Where are you staying:

    1. Dennis (ddindy) - Pop Century
    2. Gary (gary) - Beach Club
    3. Michael (mSummers) - Pop Century
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  3. gary

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    Gary, beach club
  4. mSummers

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    Michael, Pop Century
  5. ddindy

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    Michael and I arrived at MK so early that the only person there was the night guard. So we all stood next to the bag check tables (under the roof because it was raining), and someone spotted this little guy poking his head out of a lamp post.

    Toad in the Hole
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  6. ddindy

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    The rain continued through the early part of the tour. Fortunately, the umbrella shop in Liberty Square was well-prepared.

    Ready for the Rain
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