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    Hola, tengo varias preguntas, espero que usted me pueda ayudar:
    a) Estaré en los Parque Disney del 3 al 6 de Julio 2019 (4 días), y mi hotel está fuera de Disney. Iré en coche cada día, cuál es la mejor opción para aparcar en cada uno de los 4 parques?
    b) Se puede llevar comida y bebida de fuera y comerla dentro de los parques? Merece la pena comer en los restaurantes de los parques?
    c) Vamos con un niño de 8 años y una niña de 10 años, cuáles son las atracciones que más me recomiendas de cada parque?
    d) Si compro el pack de 4 dias, cuantos Fast Pass tendría por parque, persona y día?

    Hello, I have several questions, I hope you can help me:
    a) I will be at Disney Parks from July 3 to 6, 2019 (4 days), and my hotel is outside of Disney. I will drive every day, what is the best option to park in each of the 4 parks?
    b) Can you bring food and drink from outside and eat it inside the parks? It is worth eating in the restaurants of the parks?
    c) We go with an 8-year-old boy and a 10-year-old girl, what are the attractions that you recommend most in each park?
    d) If I buy the pack of 4 days, how many Fast Pass would I have per park, person and day?

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    A. Each park of course has its own parking facilities, and they're all fine to be honest, even if you're far back in the lot, because the trams are pretty efficient at running to pick up right where the current cars are parking...trams back out to the lots will usually be no more than 10-12 minutes if you're not within walking range. You also could choose to park at Disney Springs shopping areas and take the Disney busses to various resorts close to each park, then walk into some of the parks or transfer to boats or busses from there. For example, from Disney Springs, you could take the bus to Contemporary Hotel, then walk into Magic Kingdom right from there. You could take the Disney Springs bus to Beach Club Resort, and walk into Epcot from there.

    B. Yes - you can bring food and drink into the parks. They don't allow glass bottles or containers, and no alcohol. Also, Animal Kingdom may have slightly stricter rules, such as no plastic straws or utensils, for the safety of the animals. When you go through security, tell them you have food in your should be fine.

    C. I can't really answer that - children are all different, so which rides they will want to go on will depend on whether they like slow rides, fast rides, characters, special effects, etc.

    D. You typically are allowed 3 fast passes per day, and all must be in the same park for each day. Once you've used one, you can then book another one either on your phone app or at the kiosks around the parks.
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    A. If you are park hopping, you only have to pay for parking once per day. Show your receipt at any other parks that you visit on that day, and you should be admitted. You can also use the Disney bus system to travel from park to park, and the monorail runs between Epcot and the TTC near the Magic Kingdom; at the TTC you transfer to either a different monorail or a boat to get to the Magic Kingdom.

    C. There should be several web sites that can help answer your question. Try and Disney-oriented travel agents such as The Mouse for Less also have pages of tips and attraction descriptions. Google is your friend. (My best tip: It's Tough To Be A Bug in Animal Kingdom is surprisingly frightening to small children. It has large fake spiders and near the end of the show, you feel like insects are touching you.)

    D. If you have purchased your park tickets in advance, you should be able to make FastPass reservations up to 30 days in advance (the sooner the better). As Justin said, you can make three per person in advance, then once you have used those, you can book additional ones one at a time. Be sure to download the My Disney Experience app so you can do that on your phone.

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