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    january 17th saw michael and i returning to maine, to the wiscasset, waterville and farmington railroad ,museum, to be precise, for a weekend event billed as the steam reunion, no less than 5 2 foot gauge steam locomotives were present, 3 of them under steam, and while it was a bit of an operational strain for this small short railroad, it led to some pretty good photos, the 6 or so inches of snow that fell saturday night, plus the cold temps, 4 degrees sat morning when we started, and some blue skies certainly helped with things. and here it is, 4 down, only 21 to go and rail will officially recognize me in the database, yes this one, of #9 taking on water saturday morning for the start of the day got accepted today. and bonus info, i found out today that my last submitted phot, the strasburg 475 in dawn glint, has as of today, 3172 views, been favorited 43 times, and won 3rd place, peoples choice that week

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    Always great to be recognized that way! Congrats Gary!!!
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    when it is only about 9 degrees the steam and smoke are very crisp and really stand out, #9 coming into top of mountain

    and crossing humason brook trestle

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