Sony's pre-Photokina announcement is tonight, a taste of the future...

Discussion in 'Digital Cameras & Equipment' started by Roger, Aug 23, 2010.

  1. Roger

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    Sony has figured out how to properly[nb]IMHO[/nb] use a pellicle mirror in the digital age.

    Here's a sample (assuming this is real and not a PS):
    Source: ; TheHDBLOG, Sonyalpharumors

    Yes, that is the sensor you see behind the mirror. ; And yes, that means that the AF module is getting phase-detect light at the same time light is hitting the sensor. ; Which means phase-detect during video, this case....10 fps with phase detect and NO MIRROR viewfinder blackout.

    Their patent allows for the mirror to flip up if necessary to take still images, but I'm guessing that will be in single shot mode only, or that the max FPS will be limited when you allow for the mirror to flip up to gain the extra 1/3 stop.

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  2. zackiedawg

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    That would be my early guess as well - in good light, mirror stays down, maximum burst speed and video capabilities, in lower light, mirror can flip up, maximum light to sensor, slower fps. ; Sounds reasonable to believe. ; If the sensor is a further evolution of my A550 sensor, with processing similar to the APS-C class leading NEX5 sensor for high ISO, and with a 10fps shooting mode with tracking focus on 15 focus points, it could be a wild little camera indeed. ; And apparently focus motor in the body, so it'll work with the new motored lenses or the classic Minolta screw-drive lenses...nice touch. ; With stabilization in body, which the NEX cameras don't have.
  3. mSummers

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    That's a neat idea. ; Removing the viewfinder blackout would be awesome for panning and shooting fast action.

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