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Discussion in 'Digital Cameras & Equipment' started by Roger, Nov 12, 2012.

  1. Roger

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    One of the currently available apps for the NEX-5r and NEX-6 (and currently free) is the Smart Remote Control. ; No longer do you have to have a wired remote to take pictures.

    All you need is a smartphone.

    It was really that simple - I downloaded the free app from iTunes for my iPhone 4, and downloaded onto my camera the app. ; On the camera, I started the app, which turned my camera into a WiFi access point. ; It gave me the password for the network, which I joined on my iPhone. ; I then started the app on my phone, which automatically found the camera. ; Shortly thereafter, I could see the live view on my phone.

    Now, you have to change most of the settings on the camera (hopefully they will update that) - all I could adjust was EV and if I wanted a self-timer of 2 secs or not. ; But otherwise, I just had to push the shutter button on my camera. ; It then took the picture and saved a small copy of the same picture on my phone in addition to the full size on my memory card.

    Imagine the possibilities of sending pics of fireworks straight on from your phone ;-)

    Of course next is testing out the Direct Upload, which would bypass your phone altogether.
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    Roger, i see that your using a Nex 6. I have a few questions if you don't mind. I am getting my Nex 6 from B&H tomorrow. I'm coming from a nex 7. The 2 reasons I switched were for the PDAF, which I'm not sure matter that much from what I've read so far, and the better high ISO capability. I previously owned a 5n which was better than my 7 at high ISO. Anyway, how do you like the controls and power zoom lens? What are your thoughts on the camera in general? When I sold my Nex 7, i was debating between the 6 or the Pentax K5IIs but really don't want the weight anymore.
  3. Roger

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    I just got mine on Friday :) ; Didn't have a chance to take it out for a spin this weekend (and no cat pictures either!) but I hope to take it out this coming weekend. ; Only question is if I will have an e-mount telephoto or not.

    While I've used top of the line gear, so far I'm happy with it. ; I don't mind the control dial for the modes. ; It has a wheel beneath it for changing either shutter speed in S mode or aperture in A mode. ; In manual mode, the wheel changes the aperture and the dial on the back changes the shutter speed. ; I wish the LCD would swivel BUT it will do.

    As for the PZ, so far so good. ; I know the online community found out that it's got horrible barrel distortion at 16mm but the camera automatically compensates for it. ; And the PZ works flawlessly with clear image zoom. ; The system will allow you to continue zooming using that feature when you use the PZ on the lens - if you have another lens, including a manual focus lens, you have to go into a menu for that. ; Haven't played around with setting something for the Fn button though.

    Another thing - this is the first camera I've had that I could bring an emergency USB powerbattery to do a charge on :)
  4. HPS3

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    Thanks for replying Roger! I have the LA-EA2 adapter I used with the Nex 7 but was wondering how the new PDAF pixels worked. How do you find the IQ compared to other cameras( I'm not really a pixel peeper). I do want to take a photo on our next WDW trip in February and print a 16x20 or so. I have shot with a Nikon D5100, Nex 7/5n, and an OMD but have never printed that big before, usually just 5x7/8x10.

    Thanks again Roger,
  5. Roger

    Roger Member Staff Member

    I will have to get back with you on that - haven't used AF-C yet to try the new PDAF, which really needs the updated lenses (16-50PZ,18-55,55-210 and CZ 24) to work from what I've heard. ; But the AF on the PZ was fast and quiet with indoor lighting, which will probably meet my needs.

    Image quality - same deal - I've only taken 8 shots with it so far!
  6. HPS3

    HPS3 Member

    Alright cool. I really look forward to seeing some of your shots. At least now I know someone other than Justin(Zackiedawg) to shoot with a Nex on here. I'll let you know my thoughts on the 6 tomorrow night after I get off work. I have had it on preorder for a while at B&H and can't wait till finally get it. Now that I've shot with the EVF so long I don't know if I can go back to an OVF :) I'm so used to real time live view WITH a live histogram in the VF.
  7. Roger

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    Not sure if the 6 can do it...I know the 7 could but I remember reading something about the 6 not being able to do that now.
  8. HPS3

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    Yes, I read on DPreview that the EVF can be used the same way as the 7. If I remember correctly you have to go into camera settings and turn on the histogram setting. It's under camera settings I think, not setup. I can say the menu system is a PITA until you learn it.
  9. Roger

    Roger Member Staff Member

    I'll stand corrected! ; I found the setting where you can put the live histogram in the EVF (lower right hand corner).

    Honestly so far, the focusing is much faster than I was expecting from a mirrorless. ; And supposedly it's still slower than the OM-D.
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    Capture from my camera of my phone using smart remote control

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    Yeah I know it's not the greatest but as you can see the smartphone screen is very simple...

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