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Discussion in 'Digital Cameras & Equipment' started by zackiedawg, Jul 8, 2009.

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    We fit well together!

    Just received my latest toy in the mail today...the one glaring hole in my lens collection: ; ultra-wide. ; Newly joining my collection is the Tamron SP 10-24mm F3.5-4.5. ; Of course, I haven't had much chance to use it yet, other than the obligatory new-out-of-the-box tests to make sure all is well. ; I really just had no idea how wide wide can be...this type of lens really is an entirely new perspective...even an entirely new way to shoot. ; The smallest differences in angles, side to side or up and down, make a completely different perspective and style of shot...learning when to use the effects, and how to best portray subjects in ultra-wide, is going to be fun! ; On my 1.5x crop sensor, the lens gives me 15mm to 36mm. ; I bought it mostly to shoot between 10-15mm.

    Here are a few of my test shots, which impressed me for sharpness and color.

    I am standing impossibly close to my house here - right at the end of the curving path up to the entrance...despite that, the entire path and most of my house are fitting within the frame:


    An example of that strange perspective - cool, but needs to be watched when composing shots at angles like this - here I was shooting almost straight up, which is why the wall in front of the house has that strange angle:


    Here, the grill of the car is roughly 1 1/2 feet from the lens...amazing I can fit the whole car in the shot plus much of the house and driveway too. ; Distortion control of vertical lines is quite good:


    Again...I'm nearly touching this pole, and shooting nearly straight up at the glass bulbs. ; You can see my shadow just about on top of the pole:


    Camera here is resting on the lip of the pool, which is 18'x50'. ; The handrail for the stairs is right at that lip, on the far left...yet makes it into the shot. ; This ultra-wide stuff is crazy!:


    This is going to be very fun playing with...I can't wait for the weekend to get a chance to shoot around town. ; Though I can tell already this is going to be a much more fun winter lens - because of the time I want to take to set up the best possible angle and perspective, I'll need cooler weather to do that. ; Florida in the summer doesn't encourage spending long hours in the direct sun trying to get the best angle!
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    Congrats on the new toy! ; Looks like it will make taking some Wishes shots well.
  3. Coo1eo

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    Congrats on the purchase Justin. Can't wait to see the fruits of your labor.
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    Great shots - keep sharing!
  5. zackiedawg

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    Thanks all. ; So far, only had last night to venture as far as the back yard...and boy has it been hot! ; Don't know if I'll be too inspired to wander far on a photo safari this weekend, but hopefully will at least get the opportunity to try a few more shots.
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    Congrats on the new lens, great shots too!

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