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Discussion in 'Digital Cameras & Equipment' started by jann1033, Feb 4, 2007.

  1. jann1033

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    i saw a tokina lens that said "atx sd" mount...anyone know if this will fit on a rebel xt? i think it's an older lens, i saw it used and B& H said it's no longer available

    anyone know any thing about tokina lenses in general?...think it might somehow be connected with kenko as it shares the website.
  2. Roger

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    Is it an autofocus lens? If it is, it will probably will fit. Needs to be an EOS mount. Question is though, how old? if it's too old, the new digiSLRs might not be able to use it. (Canon doesn't license the EOS mount)

    Tokina uses At-X for usually their above average lenses. Noisy motor; I had one, no mechanical problems.
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  3. Tim

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    it will work with your camera as long as its canon eos (or "EF") compatible. i would think so, as the older manual canons used FD mounts and not EF mounts.

    tokina is another one of the 3rd party lens makers that uses reverse engineering on the cameras to make their lenses work; simply put they are not authorized by canon to officially make lenses so there is no official support from canon to ensure they work. as cameras change, sometimes these lenses (along with sigma, tamron, etc.) need to be re-chipped to ensure compatibility. personally, i stay away and just buy 1st party lenses- yes you pay more but you never have to worry about these issues.
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  4. jann1033

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    thanks i had a sigma that i got rechipped and it still didn't work right so now i steer clear usually as well but it was 80-400 which would be a nice range for what i want if it was a good lens and had decent reviews.
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  5. vantonni

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    i got a tokina 300/4. it seems pretty good but the manual focus ring is really loose. making lenses is expensive and if you go to the tokina website you see that they don't make too many which is not a ringing endorsement.

    the prob with the 80-400 is that it doesn't have stabilization which means you have to have enough light to shoot faster than 1/400th @ f/5.6 in order to hand hold it. i like the range but it needs the stabilization nikon and sigma have.

    basically i stay clear. stick with canon/nikon. in the end its usually worth the difference. if not, I go with sigma then tamron then tokina.
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