Wicked Disney Contest!

Discussion in 'Disney News, Rumors and Current Events' started by Jessica P, Nov 9, 2007.

  1. Jessica P

    Jessica P Member

    Hey! I just wanted to let everyone know about a cool Disney contest I heard about - it's on their website: ; www.disneyparks.ca/sweepstakes and it's only open to Canadians!! (eh!?) ; The prize is a trip to Disney World [glow=red,2,300]AND [/glow] Disneyland! ; How amazing is that?!!!! ; :eek:
  2. CameraGirl

    CameraGirl Member

    I entered!!! ; Now I am just crossing my fingers!! :p
  3. highland3

    highland3 Member

    I'm in too ; ;D

    But remember... just enter once!!!
  4. WDW Donna

    WDW Donna Member

    I entered, here's hoping!!!!!!
  5. mini-canadian

    mini-canadian Member

    I am in too!!!! ; Would be nice for someone I know to win something!
  6. realfam

    realfam Member

    Were in! ; Good luck to all...............
  7. Northernmouse

    Northernmouse Member

    Great Contest I just signed up. Good luck to you all.

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