Year of Celebration Vouchers

Discussion in 'Disney News, Rumors and Current Events' started by Miss Megara, Nov 26, 2008.

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    WOW! ; Let me say that again; WOW!

    I just got our agency's first set of Walt Disney Travel Company vouchers for the 'Year of Celebrations' for a client traveling in December/January.

    Disney did REALLY well with these new vouchers. They are SOOOOOO much better than the old ones. ; They still pale in comparison to the vouchers for Disneyland, but they are a HUGE 'step up' from the old Walt Disney World ones.

    I'm also impressed that they came via UPS, as oppose to regular mail like the old ones did. ; This means no more vouchers being held up at the border!!! ; WOOHOO! ; :D

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