Yikes! Not your average Disney Gramma!!!!

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    Grandmother arrested for carrying a gun and knife at Disney now out of jail
    The Orlando Sentinel

    Dec. 10--A 63-year old Pennsylvania grandmother is out of jail this morning after deputies arrested her Sunday for trying to enter Walt Disney World's Magic Kingdom with a loaded handgun, knife and scissors.

    Orange County Jail records show that Mary Ann Richardson, of Nickelson, PA, posted a $2,000 bail early this morning after deputies charged her with carrying a concealed weapon inside the theme park with her grandchildren.

    Theme parks across Central Florida have taken strict, zero-tolerance security measures since the terrorist attacks of September 11, 2001. "[Sunday's] arrest clearly demonstrates that the security measures are up and running and that they work," Orange County Sheriff's Office spokeswoman Corporal Susan Soto wrote in an agency press release.

    Richardson told investigators that she traveled with the silver Beretta .32-caliber semiautomatic handgun and had forgotten she was carrying it. The gun was loaded with seven live rounds in the magazine, but the chamber was empty.

    "I live alone where I'm at," Richardson said in a television interview. "Keeping the pistol available is important to me."

    Deputies said they also found a pair of scissors and a locked-blade knife in the woman's purse.
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    This happened while we were down in Disney World. ; We seen it on the news. ; Crazy what some people do. ; We were told by one person that at MGM they have security check the bushes every hour because some people like to dump out their weapons and such before the go into the park and pick them up afterwards. ; Crazy!!
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    Yikes this was the Morning we were at the Magic Kingdom. I for one feel better that the bag checks work and that they check everyone. Who would have thought a grandmother would be packing.

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