“Disney THINK Fast” for Wii or PS2

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  1. If you have a Wii or a PlayStation 2 and enjoy all things Disney, you can take the quiz-show stage and answer questions as Mickey, Minnie or Donald in “Disney TH!NK Fast” ($50 Wii, $40 PlayStation 2).

    The game is hosted by the genie from “Aladdin.” Genie does a fine job introducing the characters and keeping the show moving with quirky interjections, but his comments get a bit repetitive after a while.

    Contestants are offered a handful of Disney characters to choose from, and additional characters are unlockable with certain achievements. Other movie characters occasionally drop by for cameos, joining the genie on stage to pose a question.

    Films such as “The Little Mermaid” and “The Lion King” provide themes for the game-show stages, and the developers do a nice job creating visually pleasing settings that capture the Disney animation style. Multiple choice answers come in the form of pictures, making it easy for kids who don’t know the answer to guess.

    Some questions can be challenging, especially if you haven’t seen the referenced movie in a while. Others are ridiculously easy, such as the one that shows a picture of a wrench and three other items and then asks which item might a mechanic use. This can be a fun title for die-hard Disney fans, but the $50 price tag is a little steep for a game with a rather narrow appeal.
  2. very hard to find this Christmas though... but the Disney channel version of Scene It is around at heavily discounted prices (Toys R Us has it half price)
  3. All three Futureshops in my area have it in stock.
  4. wow - must be a regional thing - I've been to 2 costcos, a bestbuy, staples, zellers and a future shop - can't find it! I ended up buying the Disney channel scene it - we only have 2 other disney scene its :)
  5. DD9 had me out in the stores for Boxing Day specials - electronics to go with her Wii (she LOVES it) - still no sign of Disney "Think Fast", but we did find a copy of Disney's "Sing it" at Walmart (the same store must've been out of stock when I'd looked there, several times) - version we got was not on sale, but we found a copy. ; She's thrilled!
  6. "Sing it" is fun!

    DD9 and DD2 LOVE it! ; We're having a blast.
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    I didn't know it was out I'll have to look for it.

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