$25,000 for a bottle of wine?

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    This is the same wine Ego orders with is meal in Ratatouille. ; The dude I came across while walking though Remy on the Disney Fantasy pointed it out and said that maybe 1 or two bottles are sold every 3 years on auction and Disney has 2, one for the Dream and one for the Fantasy. ; And no, no one has bought a bottle on board the ship (as of August)

    Chateau Cheval Blanc 1947 by jbwolffiv, on Flickr
  2. Oh you got a picture of this! I tried when I was on the Fantasy and it didn't come out! :( Getting on the Dream today but thats one less thing I can cross off my to do list!
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    Have a great cruise!!!! ; Loved the Dream!
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    That's insane! ; Great shot!
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    great use of dof, just enough label to get the idea, without any background noise
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    Thanks Gary!
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    Here are some John Lasseter wines that were signed by him. They were not for sale but I think they would go for something a lot less than the $25,000.

    Lasseter Wines by jbwolffiv, on Flickr

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