Ancient: Fireworks v. Velvia (50) slide film

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    Back in the old times, before digital cameras that could take extended exposure pictures without having too much noise....back when film was king....

    I tried one roll of Velvia for taking pictures of the fireworks.

    For those of you who know what Velvia can do, you can either: chuckle now or wipe your coffee off the computer screen.

    Velvia isn't kind to the exposures necessary for fireworks with something else of interest in the picture.

    Taken during the "Believe..." era, which ended with the 50th Anniversary Celebration.

    <img src=" />

    This image I didn't blow the castle out, but on most of the images I did. The castle looks, well, blue, with very little detail on it. I put four of the shots on my site tonight. I like this one because of the variety of colors in the shells, along with the comet firework going through the sky. And hey...

    Wait a sec. Did someone else to my left? use a flash during the show???
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  2. LOL! Gotta love those people who try to take fireworks pics using their point and shoot with its flash activated and held with one stretched-out arm. ;D I used to be one of those ::)
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