Awesome Card Copy Device

Discussion in 'B&H, Affiliate Promotions' started by Tim, Aug 13, 2021.

  1. Tim

    Tim Administrator Staff Member

  2. RedOctober25

    RedOctober25 Member

    This is very similar to a device I brought with me a few years ago. Except I had to plug in an external hdd that I transferred my sd cards to.

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  3. gary

    gary Member

    i really like mine, but due to the length of the trip i am on next march i am going to replace the ssd with a 4 tb drive. disneyland, 3 railroads, yeah i will need all that space
  4. Tim

    Tim Administrator Staff Member

    I guess it should be mentioned that the hard drives themselves are swappable. Meaning you can have several 2 TB SSD’s and pop them in and out as needed.
  5. gary

    gary Member

    true that, but no $ savings having 2 drives, and 2 drives just means one hanging about loose, out of protective case, and it will be another samsung ssd, 870 evo in 4 tb

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