Bert and Mary

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    ... at the Carousel in Fantasyland.


    About 30 minutes later, I was in the main square and these two were heading towards one of the stage doors. They didn't have anybody pestering them for pictures or anything, just getting off stage. As Mary crossed the street and stepped over the curb, she did a little quick-two step - just as Mary would have done. Burt did a quick click of the heels. That's cool - they don't know if anybody is watching or even paying attention. They just do it because their characters do. Part of that magic stuff we keep hearing about.
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    Re: Burt and Mary

    Looks like they are looking for chimney sweeps here. ; BTW, I believe it's 'Bert'.
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    Re: Burt and Mary


    Bert, Burt, Bart, Borg, Bleah - y'all know who I mean... ; ::)

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