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  1. It was fantastic, I'm definitely in for next year.
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  2. gary

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    i am thinking about relocating the official bird mania hotel, checking out a couple other locations such as the hampton inn. especially if i can get a late checkout on sunday, a nicer hotel with a nice pool would allow me with late checkout to probably have a pool day, since the nonstop back to islip from palm beach is a late afternoon flight, although southwest jerks the flight schedules all over the clock so who knows what, i might not even come back on southwest since a sunday into jfk isn't too bad, especially if i can get in around 7:30 i can get a train to ronkonkoma by 8:30 and be home by 10:15
  3. Sounds good to me! You just have to watch what the reviews are saying about the hotels that you're picking. Ever since covid hotel quality has declined greatly, especially in the cleanliness department. I'm talking about scary dirty, sort of like what's underneath the beds at Disney resorts these days.

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    In general, 'central' Boca is the corporate corridor, with lots of business travel close to the executive airport, so the hotels are generally pretty good. Depending on how much you want to pay, you can get some really nice hotels in there, but even the more reasonable priced ones are usually pretty well kept. The hotels along Yamato Road, Military Trail near Glades Road, are all solid, with good pools and gyms and recreation, and with restaurants and such all walkable. Marriott in Boca Center is very nice but $$ and Wyndam is a little less but still pricey, Renaissance near Military & Glades is nice and more reasonable cost, with lots of restaurants and quick joints nearby, and the hotels along Yamato Road are all decent and there's lots of restaurants along Yamato Road - though it's not an easy road to cross at 8 lanes wide!
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    well we have plenty of time, just thinking it out, staying to monday for me allows some sunday ona1a taking in the ocean sites, with a nice long lazy pool afternoon
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  6. This was taken at Pixelmania on Tuesday Dec 6th at Bay Lake. I can't decide if these are Double breasted Cormorants or Anhingas.
    I'm thinking 55% chance these are Cormorants and 45% chance these are Anhingas.
    What sayeth the Birdmania people?

    Of course this could be a new species, like a Anmorant or a Corhinga... just sayin'...

    [​IMG]12 6 22 Bay Lake Bald Cypress at Dawn 5030 by Joanie E-K, on Flickr
  7. zackiedawg

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    They're all cormorants - the orange color on the bills gives that away since anhingas are black or greyish bills. And the hooks on the bills are just visible enough too. Except one bird at the very top appears to be a little blue heron, hanging out with all the cormorants!
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  8. I was pouring over this picture and the information in my bird book to try and figure out these birds. I saw the orange in the beak but that's not in my bird book description of the cormorants so that's what was throwing me. I did see the hook and the beak That's why I thought it would probably be cormorants as opposed to Anhingas.

    However there is that one bird That's posing like an anhingo would with its wing spread out in the top right corner of the tree.

    I'll have to look again for the heron.

    Thanks for helping with the identification. This was driving me crazy!

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